How to extend the house with a wooden structure

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Expanding your home is a dream for many people: often the space available may be enough at the beginning, but when the needs of the family change (perhaps due to the birth of one or more children), the space may no longer be enough.


And then the time comes to understand which are the simplest and often cheapest solutions for home extension to go.


And in the field of expansion, wooden structures are becoming more and more widespread: expanding the house with prefabricated wooden modules or raising the house itself can all be optimal solutions, choosing a material that really has an interesting series of advantages. Come and discover the different prefabricated garden houses for sale online on




In many situations, you can think of an extension of the house with an external extension: this is one of the simplest solutions to gain space, provided of course that you have an external space adjacent to the house that you can exploit (in fact this is one of the solutions more suitable in case of single dwelling).


A doubt that could arise is that of the advisability of combining a classic brick house with a wooden construction. In reality, using modern techniques this problem is overcome, with a whole series of advantages, of which we limit ourselves to pointing out the most relevant:


·         it is possible to build the new portion of the house with a better energy efficiency than the rest of the building, and therefore redevelop the entire house in terms of energy;

·         more space and better energy efficiency increase the commercial value of the house;

·         Making a wooden extension, even using a prefabricated house extension module, takes much shorter times than a brick or reinforced concrete construction (in addition to lower costs).




A simple solution for a horizontal extension of the house is the annexation of a prefabricated wooden mobile homes for sale in Uk: in this case the installation works are made even easier because there is no need to create new foundations, at least until the space of the room is equal to 60/70 square meters (almost the width of a two-room apartment).


In fact, it is always necessary to keep in mind that wood is a particularly light material, even if with excellent resistance, so in such a case a wooden structure can be installed even if the ground on which it rests is not completely homogeneous (impossible solution if you proceed with a brick or concrete construction).


Obviously it is always necessary to provide a support surface on which to install the structure, also because the most recent regulations provide for the need to create a crawl space below the extension: this structure is important both because it gives stability to the construction but also because it contributes to isolate it from the ground, thus protecting it from humidity that tends to rise from below and can damage structures.


Let's not forget that when this type of extension is carried out it is not necessary to leave your home: the main and original body of the house is not affected by particular interventions, except those that are necessary to connect the electricity, water and gas systems to the extension, and therefore you can continue to live inside it during the period of the works.




However, there are cases in which it is not possible to proceed with the construction of an extension structure horizontally, because the necessary spaces are lacking. In this case you can choose to proceed with an extension by raising the house. Also in this case it is a type of expansion much faster than what could be achieved with a brick construction: moreover, a wooden structure has a much lower weight, so there is not even the need, at least in most part of the cases, to reinforce the structure of the "load bearing" house.


The only aspect that must be considered is the fact that in this case the extension shares the roof with the original house: therefore, to carry out the elevation, the roof will have to be dismantled and then rebuilt on the top of the wooden structure.


Obviously in this case it becomes much more complicated to continue living inside the house: however, you do not need to worry, because the times to build this type of extension are very fast, so any discomfort of moving to a temporary home is short-lived. .




The cost of extending a wooden house must take into account several factors: firstly, in some cases (particularly uneven land or expansions of important portions of the building) it may be necessary to prepare a special foundation on which the extension will rest. . This base, in addition to providing a support, must be built with all those precautions that allow to isolate the building from the ground, to avoid the formation of humidity.


It is also necessary to consider that the service systems of the main house (electricity, heating, water and drains) will be connected to those installed in the extension: also in this case, masonry works may be necessary, even if of minor importance compared to those that could result if one chose to create a completely independent structure with the extension (in this case, in fact, completely independent systems should be provided, therefore with their own connections to the various service supply networks).


In the most common case, in which the extension is functional to gain space for the main house, the need to create a connection between the two parts of what is destined to become a single building must also be considered. An interesting and simple solution to perform can be to use an existing opening, such as a window or a French door, which can be expanded by inserting a wooden structure.


As for the costs, therefore, these do not differ particularly from those of a prefabricated wooden house,  however, having to take into account any particularities and needs for non-ordinary interventions that may always be present.

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