How to Evolve Tangela into Tangrowth in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The DLC expansion in Pokemon Sword and Shield has finally been updated on 17th June 2020. The expansion is divided into two parts; Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. Thus, now the Isle of Armor has arrived, and it has brought several new elements and features to Pokemon Sword and Shield. One of the key elements that it has brought is the new Pokemons. A plethora of various new Pokemons has been updated in the game. Tangela is a legendary Pokemon who has also been included in the list of new Pokemons by Game Freaks. In this article, we are going to help the gamers to catch Tangela alongside learning the ways to evolve it into Tangrowth.

Evolving Tangela into Tangrowth

First, gamers need to know that the evolving process of Tangela into Tangrowth is very complicated. Thus, we suggest our gamers to be aware while reading the whole process of it. Before heading straight to the entire process, let us first brief the new players about Tangrowth that why it is in huge demand. Tangrowth is one of the most potent and a legendary Pokemon of Sword and Shield. Tangrowth possesses high physical, special attack and defence abilities alongside its most lethal rapid speed move that is enough to thrash out any powerful Pokemon out of the arena in one shot. Thus, the gamers should evolve their Tangela into Tangrowth to avail of his potent abilities against tough contenders.

There are various methods through which gamers can evolve Tangela into Tangrowth, and the first one is to unveil the hidden Ancient power of Tangela to raise his level.  Once players successfully increase the level of Tangela’s power, then it will automatically evolve into Tangrowth. However, it is not that easy to teach the Ancient power to Tangela; thus, it will conceive various games of the players to unveil the hidden power to Tangela.

Another way of evolving Tangela into Tangrowth is to increase the statistics of Tangela in your game. Gamers can easily accomplish this process by playing several Pokemon battle matches with Tangela. After 5 to 10 winning matches, players will witness that the stats of Tangela are increasing and after reaching a certain amount, Tangela will automatically be evolved in Tangrowth.

The third and one of the simplest ways is to use the Unova stone. Gamers need to fetch the Unova stone from the Wild area of Galar region. Once they successfully obtain it, then they can easily evolve their Tangela into Tangrowth. However, the process seems quite simple to accomplish but finding Unova stone is pretty intricate.


The article will help the gamers to know about the new DLC expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this article, we are mainly focusing upon Tangela, a legendary Pokemon of Sword and Shield which is brought into the game by Isle od Armor. Alongside, the article contains information about the evolving process of Tangela into Tangrowth. We hope all the gamers who are keen to accomplish that task will surely achieve it with the help of this article.

Pokemon Sword and Shield can be played on Nintendo Switch.

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