How To Enhance The Hair Growth Rate After Hair Transplant?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant
Hair transplant is a safe surgical procedure that ensures permanent treatment for hair loss. However, the buck does not stop there. Post hair transplant there has to be proper follow up visits and due care is to be taken to ensure good and health hair growth. People often wonder about whether they can get immediate results with hair transplant or not? Well it is because hair transplant relies a lot on the natural ability of hair to grow from hair follicles and hence, the results are not instantaneous. Nonetheless, the hair transplant is well appreciated by patients from all over the world simply because it is the only permanent solution to deal with hair loss and is capable of generating the most natural looking results.

Hair transplant in Jaipur has been in spotlight for more than a decade and the city is now almost like a destination for hair transplant where thousands of tourists fly each year to get treated by some of the best world class surgeons located in the city. These hair transplant surgeons are world famed and recognized for their extremely brilliant work. One such name is of Dr. Suneet Soni, the owner of Medispa Hair transplant clinic, who is regarded as the key authority in the field of hair transplant, his brilliant hair line designs, ability and track record of delivering extremely fine hair transplant treatment using latest technology equipment and protocols has made him reach the pinnacles in the field.
           Hair Transplant in Jaipur
Hair transplant cost in Jaipur is very reasonable and easy on pocket given the quality of treatments that are available in the city. So, if you start to compare the cost of a similar procedure in Jaipur vis a vis the UK, USA or even middle east, you would see a difference of almost 3x-4xtimes! That’s huge!

Dr Suneet Soni is a tech savvy surgeon and looks forward to leverage the advantages of technology for his surgeries to make them very easy for the patient and highly distinguished in terms of the results and yet he is never exorbitant in prices.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant fundamentally involves transferring hair grafts from the donor area to the recipient bald site. The donor area pertains to those areas in the scalp or the body of the patient where the hair grafts are permanent in nature and have sufficiently high density. The common donor areas selected for the harvesting is the back and sides of the head. By permanent hair roots, it means that roots which are resistant to androgens or hormones that can cause hair fall.

Hair growth post hair transplant

So, it is a common knowledge that natural hair growth and fall follow a cycle. So, obviously when the natural hair is transplanted at the bald site they are also expected to follow a cycle.Usually after a few days of the procedure, one can see the newly transplanted hair shedding. This is usual and in fact a good news but may cause anxiety in some patients. Hence, the surgeon usually advises to stay calm and keep observing. So after hair fall, there will be a resting phase and then the new hair growth starts. After almost a trimester post the surgery, one can notice the new hair growth and usually after a semester or slightly more, the coverage begins to show. It takes approximately 2 semesters post the surgery to decide whether the hair growth is good or not up to the mark.Also, the hair growth cycle is very individual specific and the timeline may be slightly different depending upon case to case. In certain cases, even PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy may be used to foster the hair growth cycle. However, to boost the growth rate one does not need any extra stress or work but just follow the procedure that you follow to keep your natural hair healthy for eg.:

- A nutritious diet – The meal should be healthy and balanced with adequate amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron and Proteins which are all needed for healthy hair

- Change in lifestyle – Stay active, stress free, maintain good sleep pattern, avoid smoking or alcohol or steroids (unless medically advised) and do not take extra pressure to make hair grow fast or try unverified cosmetic products without consulting your surgeon.

- The PRP therapy has been introduced with the vision of faster tissue healing, reduce inflammation and thus, support quick hair growth.

The choice of your surgeon plays a key role in throughout the process, right from the time of diagnosis to surgery to post surgery support and guidance, Hence, it is very crucial in the first step itself to choose a very good and experienced surgeon for your treatment. If you need more details about the hair transplant and how hair growth can be fostered post treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact Medispa Hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and New Delhi

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