How to Do Stealth Vaping with A Disposable Pod Device

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Thick cloud generation from the mods is something we are very much familiar with. However, often in several places, you cannot use devices which produce such a thick vapor. Yet all the people are not aware of the differences between vaping and smoking. They still consider them both as same and vaping in front of them may offend them. However, in many places, you are not permitted to take the mod device, so it is wise to take a disposable pod device with you on the run.

However, it is difficult for a pro vaper to stay away from vaping for a long. Therefore, they can take help of the stealth vaping. It is a perfect way to bypass the stares of curiosity yet a way to vape peacefully.

In this current article, we will discuss the ways of stealth vaping.

stig disposable pod device

Choose a small device

From the name stealth itself, you can understand that you need to conceal the device as much as possible. So, it is better to choose small devices, which you can hide easily. Stigpod is one of such a device which looks more like a pen drive rather than a pod.

Several other options are available there in the market, where the device looks like a common daily usable object. Using such devices, you can enjoy your vaping without any stoppage.

Choose flavors carefully

It is important to choose the flavor carefully. If you want to hide that you are vaping, then it is better to not go for regular tobacco or mint flavors. These smell as same as the cigarettes. People often feel the things smell the same, must be harmful as the original.

It is better to select the other flavored liquid such as mango, strawberry, ice-cream, etc. These liquids used to contain the same amount of nicotine, but the flavor hides the awkward smell. Stig pod a disposable pod device offers a lot of different flavors apart from tobacco.

Minimal cloud

While something will burn, obviously a vapor will be there but as the device is small so the amount of vapor size will be small too. However, you can hold the vapor for a long in your mouth as it will reduce the vapor size. Exhaling through the nose can be a way to conceal the vapor also.

You can use a paper towel to hide vapor also.

Try to stay composed

It is difficult to hide the vaping but it turns to be a mess when you start behaving unnaturally in order to conceal your vaping. Suppose you want to take vape while working. In such a situation do not leave the desk multiple times to take vape. Just sit quiet and calm and vape slowly with your Stig pod.

You can use a disposable pod device also as it looks more like a pen drive or something which will hardly come into notice.


Vaping in public domain can be a real challenge. In order to stay hidden from the curious eyes it is better to conceal your vaping activity. It is called stealth vaping. The current article focuses on the ways to do stealth vaping by using small disposable pod devices.

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