How to do a garage door repair which does not close?

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A garage door is one of the most important entrances of your house. It is difficult to keep an account as to how many times a day it has to be pulled up and lowered. Without being said, your garage door system needs timely maintenance for its smooth functioning. However, even with all the necessary care, you are at a risk to face issues concerning your garage door. 

Nothing is as frustrating as holding on to the remote of your garage door and trying to close it as it wouldn't.  Many garage door service Las Vegas services can help you out with some quick tips regarding what to do if your garage door does not close. Some of the things you should keep in mind are:

Identification of the Problem

At times, it might be possible that you didn't click on the button on the remote or the wall properly, because of which no command was sent to the garage door. Press the button hard to ensure that the problem lies with the garage door functioning and not the remote control or the wall button.

 Once you identify the cause of the problem, move on to decide whether you can tackle the problem by yourself, or need professional assistance for the same. Opt-in for garage door repair service Las Vegas if you are not confident enough.

Check Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are located on both ends of the garage door, just a few inches above the ground. These sensors can be one of the most likely culprits if your garage door won't close. One of the sensors sends signals and the other receives it. If anything comes in between them, the garage door won't close. If you find any problem with them, it is great because they are one of the easiest things to fix by yourself. 

There can be a few reasons as to why sensors can get interrupted:

  • A dirty lens cover of the sensors can cause interruption while sending and receiving the signal.
  • Try to block the sensors from direct sunlight to prevent glare.
  • Make sure that the wire connections are secured. Examine all the connections properly and look for any loose or broken parts.

Adjusting the Limit

The garage door motor control includes instructions for both the distance for which the door can go up and down as well the force with which it should move. Try to adjust these limits with care and check if any change can make the garage door to close. 

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Final Thoughts

Although repairing your own garage door can be a great technical experience, there are serious risks involved if you are not sufficiently knowledgeable or experienced. It is always best if you opt for professional services who can also provide best faux wood garage doors.

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