How to deal with 100kw Volvo diesel generator starting problem

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

What is the reason of 100kw Volvo Diesel Generator Start Failure? Today Starlight manufacturer solve problem for you.

The reason why the diesel engine can't work properly is that we should first understand the primary condition for the normal operation of the diesel engine. We all know that the primary condition for the normal operation of the diesel engine is that the diesel engine with good chemical composition can be injected into the combustion chamber accurately and timely, and that the compressed air in the combustion chamber must reach enough temperature before it can work properly. Fire, eruption. To satisfy these two conditions, it is necessary to have a high enough speed and a certain temperature in the cylinder when starting the diesel engine. When the diesel engine can not start, the reasons should be found from starting work, fuel supply system and compression of the diesel engine.


1.The ambient temperature is too low. At this time, the diesel engine can be preheated for a while or started with starter fluid.

2.Starting speed is low: For a hand-start diesel engine, the speed should be gradually increased, and then the decompression handle should be pulled to the non-decompression position, so that there is normal compression in the cylinder. If the pressure relief mechanism is not properly adjusted or the valve is against the piston, the rocker will often feel very laborious.

3.Its characteristic is that the crankshaft can't move when it moves to a certain position, but it can return. At this time, besides checking the decompression mechanism, we should also check whether the meshing relationship of the timing gear is wrong. For diesel engines using electric starters, if the starting speed is extremely slow, most of them are powerless starters, which does not mean that there is a fault in the diesel engine itself. Detailed checks should be made on the electrical circuit to determine whether the battery is fully charged, whether the wires are tightly connected and whether the starter is working properly.

4.Cylinder compression is insufficient. In this case, it is enough to increase the pressure of the cylinder.


Cautions for starting of diesel engine:

1.Check for abnormal noise or vibration. 

2.Check for leakage of liquid and smoke exhaust system.

3.Check the control panel for any abnormal indication, especially for high temperature or abnormal low oil pressure. Normal oil pressure should be seen on the gauge about 10 seconds after starting.

5.Put on the ON position (handle up) of the output circuit breaker.

Pay attention to these option:

Now load can be added

When the cooling water temperature of the engine is below 20 degrees Celsius, the first step load can only be added to 50% of the rated output. When the cooling water temperature of the engine reaches 80 degrees Celsius, the first step load can be increased to 70-100% of the rated output power. Depending on the unit type, some units with high power (up to 100KVA) can accept 100% initial load.

Parking: First, the AC motor output circuit breaker is separately switched off (pulled down), the machine has no load, which can let the motor idle for a few minutes to cool. Then press the emergency stop button or press the control button "STOP" (stop), the generator will stop.

If you need to stop immediately in some emergency situations, you can press the emergency stop button without cutting off the load.

Hope our sharing information can help you to solve the starting problem of 100kw Volvo diesel generator

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