How to Cut on Holiday Weight Gain?

by Shradha Singh I am Digitally Active

One of the most common concerns of adults these days is their weight gain especially when the holiday season approaches. When you have tons of scrumptious dishes presented before you, you tend to give in at times. Consequently, overeating and sedentary behaviour come into the picture. You may also tend to eat a lot of calorie-rich food which adversely affect your health and make you obese. 

People who have great metabolism do not suffer from the pangs of eating too much but people who can’t boast about their metabolism lose the bet here and gain weight. Some people believe that holiday weight gain is inevitable but it’s not true entirely. By being a little careful, you can avoid this situation and lead a healthy life. Below-mentioned are a few ways that will definitely help you in cutting down your holiday weight gain. Have a look: 

1. Keep A Check On Your Snacking Habits : The holiday season comes with its own set of pros and cons. While there are tons of delicious holiday dishes to choose from, the aftermaths (like abnormal weight gain) can’t be overlooked. So it becomes imperative for you to choose your snacks carefully. No matter how scrumptious those goodies may seem, you need to control your urge to the best in order to avoid any harsh consequences of overeating. If you think you won’t be able to accomplish it with ease, the problem can be handled by keeping your snacks (especially the ones which are rich in calorie content) out of the plain sight. Also, keep a check on your snacking habits. If you are not hungry and still eat a lot of munchies, it’s best to avoid them. In case you don’t feel like giving up on munchies, go for some healthy options like fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread etc. 

2. Don’t give up on your sleep : Besides overeating, sleep deprivation is also common during the holiday season which directly influences your weight. Basic biology is all you need to understand this. When you don’t sleep enough, you tend to remain hungry. As a result, you can’t keep a check on the calorie content of the food you are consuming and eat recklessly. Since you feel sleep deprived, you can’t focus on your exercise regime too. Consequently, your weight will increase. Moreover, when you don’t sleep properly, your body produces a hunger hormone called ‘ghrelin’ in excess which may again lead to weight gain. 

So it’s important for you to keep a check on your eating habits along with ensuring proper sleep cycle to cut down on holiday weight gain. You can also include healthy food items like eggless buns, nuts, salad, sprouts etc. in your diet to reverse the effects. 

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