How to Create a Successful Startup Healthcare Business

by Rayanne M. Writer

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There are many misconceptions tied to the healthcare industry, specifically with entrepreneurs assuming it’s an easy business to start up. As with any other business on the market, there are challenges and obstacles that get in the way during the startup process that can prevent the project from even getting close to completion. But with the right expertise, experience and determination, there are things you can do to gain success. Here’s a guide on how to create a successful startup healthcare business.

Know the Healthcare Industry

Before starting any business, it’s important to become familiar with the dynamics of the industry your business would potentially be involved in. When it comes to the healthcare industry, you should become familiar with the type of market it expels, the laws involved within the industry, the type of data the industry produces and more.

Regarding the laws involved within the healthcare industry, you’ll want to specifically associate yourself with HIPAA laws, PCI DSS laws and FFDCA laws. With starting any business, you’re going to have to consider the laws required of you to follow during startup as well as afterward. Make sure patients’ personal health records and data are always kept safe and confidential, make sure you have the right software to protect financial data and ensure that you have the updated certification to manage health in general.

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure you’re familiar with the type of data the healthcare industry produces. This is because other healthcare institutions may use a certain data software system that doesn’t comply with what you’re planning on using. To avoid confusion and increase consistencies, make sure you familiarize yourself with the right data logs and medical devices other healthcare systems use.

Stay Up to Date with Your Tech

Having great tech at your healthcare business can be the difference between a failed or successful business. It is important to know not only what you need in your software, but what is going to benefit your healthcare facility the most. For example, healthcare employees usually prefer reliable healthcare compliance software, instead of paper-based documents. It is critical to invest in software that will be the most beneficial to your business.

Gather an Adequate Team

After you’ve gotten comfortable with the existing healthcare industry in general, you’ll want to spread that information to the team you want in your healthcare business. With any business, finding the right team for your company can be a difficult process, as there are many different considerations to think about. You should ultimately start with a good base team to turn to for advice on hiring, starting up the business and details throughout your process. Think about the clear values you have regarding the healthcare industry and look for people that reflect the same energy.

Aside from the core team members, you’ll want to focus on specific hires for other positions as well. For instance, make sure you have an experienced CTO, or Chief Technology Officer. There’s a lot of technology involved in a startup business, even more so with a healthcare startup business. That being said, having an experienced CTO is extremely important. They should be able to build your startup business from the ground up, so you need someone with experience.

Furthermore, you’ll want to hire a medical advisory board. This team will ultimately be responsible for carrying out the plans that you have for the company so that it saves you work and time. Consider hiring a diverse medical advisory board to ensure your ideas will be carried out successfully.

Have a Clear Plan

As with any business, you’ll need a clear plan and expectations on a budget before you begin your startup business. When you don’t have a plan, you may want to change things and ultimately end up wasting time and money. By having a clear view of what you want done, when you want it to be done and how much it’s going to cost, you can better serve the community with your successful healthcare business. At least have a plan for the next five years.

Think About Your Revenue

Lastly, you should consider how you want your healthcare business to be run financially. More specifically, you can choose between a one-time fee system or pay with a subscription system. There are many sub-options related to the revenue-based system so it’s important you think about all of your options before getting started.


Overall, starting a healthcare business can be challenging, as with any other business on the market. By familiarizing yourself more with the market and fully equipping yourself with the right team, you can better prepare your company for success in the long run. Consider each of these aspects before getting started.

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