How to Create a Long-lasting Family Garden

by Rayanne M. Writer

Creating a family garden is one of many ways that will support your family’s health and nutrition. Who says modern families cannot grow their own vegetables? There are many tools and free online information available that makes creating and maintaining a family garden quite easy. All it takes is consistent care. Here are a few ideas that will help you create a long-lasting family garden.

Have a rainwater collection system

Harvesting rainwater will create a self-sustaining and durable garden for growing vegetables and other consumable foods. If you are on a fixed budget, you can install a rainwater collection barrel near the garden where there is a collection point, such as a shelter to collect rainwater. This free resource will help offer water to your plants when there is scarcity. You can also opt for a complex system that includes coming up with a structure comprising pumps, a range of tanks, and even modes of purification. The pipes and other openings here should be insect-proof while collection surfaces are made of non-toxic materials. The gutters should be those made of aluminum since they are durable.

Build raised garden beds

Try planting vegetables on raised garden beds today and see how better they do grow. The rallying call behind trying raised beds is that your garden will have fewer weeds and control pest infestation. You will have a growing functional space and warmer soil earlier in the season and warmer soil for a more extended season. Your garden soil will also maintain its pH. The best-raised garden beds are made of cedar-wood, recycled plastic, composite wood, or galvanized steel. You can also consider elevated raised beds for no-bend gardening. There are beds made of considerable height that start at about 6". However, those with a depth of around 11" to 13" are more preferable. They will allow plants to germinate freely and will hold water for a long time. If you do not have a lot of space, it is also a good idea to try interplanting in your garden. This will make the most out of your space by having slow-growing and fast-growing plants next to one another.

Greenhouse Coverings

Greenhouse gardening is one of the ways of ensuring you yield good crops and plants all year round. It will be easy to plant crops such as tomatoes that require to be planted earlier in the growing season. For a long-lasting family garden, your greenhouse coverings should be made using a strong shade cloth. The coverings are a material that covers the greenhouse frame. Its role is to keep your plants blooming in the entire season by offering heat reduction and light diffusion. The cloth should improve plant ventilation, prevent sunburn on crops, and reduce water usage. The type of covering you choose will also depend on the climate factor and the budget you have set aside because every type of material has its pros and cons.

Buy durable gardening tools

Gardening tools are essential in any family garden because it makes work easier. You will need tools to help in the process of digging, pruning, cutting, and weeding. We recommend you get a shovel, cultivator, garden fork, and a cutter, among other essential tools. All these tools should have a soft grip that is comfortable for the hand. They should also have a stable metallic make to ensure they last for long. Be sure to keep them inside and out of the elements so that they stay in good condition as well.

Mulch your soil

The aspect of moisture conservation is vital in any gardening. For your family garden to last for a long time, you can opt to conserve moisture through mulching. This technique will also balance the temperature in your soil and restrain weeds from growing. The best mulching materials include compost and well-rotted cow manure. Other materials can be dry leaves, seedless hay, and grass clipping. The mulches should be more in-depth, with a depth of around five inches to achieve an excellent moisture-retaining goal. When the mulch rots, it becomes excellent manure. This is a win-win situation for you. Mulching should be done yearly to help reduce the cost of weeding, feeding, and watering crops.

The above ideas are suitable for making up any durable garden. They are sustainable and budget-friendly. Starting and maintaining a family garden will also teach your children how to take care of something and work hard.

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