How to Clean iPhone’s Charging Port Easily

by Olivia Jones

There are many reasons behind your iPhone not charging properly. Sometimes when your iPhone does not register the charger, then you can think that it is an issue of your cable, or your phone software issue. You might as well think that your iPhone charging Port has defects that needs to be replaced. While it can be the reason but sometimes it only the problem of a dirty charging port filled with dust.

If you are facing charging issues with your iPhone device then, first clean its charging Port before doing any other things like replacing charging Port, charging cable and adapter, etc.

How Charging Port Gets Dirty

We are regularly using our cable insert to the iPhone to charge it. So after a few months, your iPhone charging mechanism can malfunction. Sometimes the cable attached notification does not preview and iPhone does not connect to the charger. That is not the issue of your charging port as it may occur because of a dirty charging port.

iPhone has a packed Charging port, so it gets dirty as the time passes. Regular plug-in and plug-out of the cable into your device can send some dust in the Port that blog the make a small wall on the charging pin. It stops your charger from attaching with the port pin, thus malfunctioning the procedure.

How to Clean Dirty iPhone Charging Port and Which Materials are Required

Instead of spending money on changing charger port, charging software issue and cable, etc. clean the charging Por and save your money.

If there is only dust in the Port it is easy-to-clean, but sometimes there is a junk that takes more time, or you face some difficulties while cleaning it. Always remember to not use Compressed air to clean the Port because Apple recommends to its user to avoid using Compressed air while cleaning your device or its part.

It would be best if you had some things to clean your iPhone charging Port that is easily available on your home. To clean your charging port, you need a torch, toothpick, and cotton.

Torch: Lighting is more important to clean your port because you have to see the area where the dust is stored. It is difficult to see the small spaces with the help of a torch, but it’s more comfortable without a torch. If you don’t have a torch, then you can also use other phones flashlight.

Toothpicks: Toothpick is the more essential tools for cleaning the charging port, in the simple way we say that without toothpick, it is not possible to clean the charging port. If you think that you can use an iron pin instead of a toothpick, we will never be allowed because the pin is a sharp thing that would be harmful to your device. It would help if you remembered that in the Charging Port has a little electronic pin that can be harm with the sharp things like an iron pin.

Cotton: It is also an excellent idea for having some small pieces of cotton. You can attach it to the top of the toothpick to clean more comfortably. Remember one thing you only have to clean the port and much cotton will be unhelpful if it stored in the charging port.

How to Clean

First, with the help of touch, you need to see the dust that stores into the charging case. Yes, it is difficult to see in the tiny part, but it can help to find dirt in the case. If you see the dust stores in your device, then it is useful to clean the diet.

Follow the steps to clean the charging port:-

  1. Switch of your iPhone.
  2. Place little bits of cotton on the tip of a toothpick.
  3. Take your iPhone in your hand at the backside of your iPhone is facing up, insert a toothpick in the charging case.
  4. Scrape the wall around the case, do it regularly still your tooth get free in the Port. When you remove your toothpick from the iPhone, you see the junk and dust in the toothpick.
  5. Repeat this process until you are not able to attach your charger to your device.

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