How to Choose the Best Vape Juice for Beginners?

by Rashid Saeed Vape Online Store

Beginners who are interested in vaping must know what is e-juice and vaporizer. Starting with vaporizer, there are many types of vaporizer, different than what you have seen up to date. There is an e-cigarette vaporizer that looks like a cigarette, also there are vapor pens, e-liquid pods, box mod, etc. Best are box mod types because they are customizable. It is like any other vaporizer but it contains battery inside.

What are e-juices?

E-juice is the main thing that you consume in the whole set up. You may be wondering what it carries as ingredients. It has nothing but vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors, and nicotine is optional.

Now, there are so many flavors to explore- menthol, fruity, creamy strawberry liquid, tobacco, etc.

Why it contains flavors?
See, if you are a regular smoker and want to look for alternatives, if you have an intention to quit, you can switch to vaping. Though it can be said that vaping is harmless but you can give up nicotine and turn to flavors. Later in life, you will enjoy flavored vaping and find to your surprise that you have quit smoking.

How to choose e-juice?

Now when you about e-liquids and vaporizers, you can select the type of e-juice for you. For instance, if you want high nicotine content you can take that or stick to flavored juices.

Flavored types- Beginners can start with flavored e-juices. You can choose the minty flavor. Its soothing effect can calm you down and also you can try vaping experiments that most beginners are fond of. However, if you are trying to quit smoke but can’t resist the temptation. People under this category can start with tobacco flavor as it has the smoky flavor that can quench your desire.

Nicotine level- You may decide nicotine level as per your desire but beginners are advised not to consume nicotine, stick to flavored types.

If you are a heavy smoker, you’ll be advised to keep the level as low as possible. If you don’t smoke much you can try 20 to 35 mg but not in the long run. Also, only rely on branded e-juices as the local ones may contain an unmatched level of nicotine than written on the label. You can find authentic and the best-flavored e-juices in UAE at Vape stop.


E-cigarettes and similar devices were banned in the UAE a short time ago. Now, e-liquids in Abu Dhabi could be sold but in permissible quantity. So, again you need a reliable source to buy e-liquid that doesn’t break the law.

Beginners can start with a small size bottle but if you like the flavor, you can pick a large bottle.


Now you are aware of everything, from usage to legalities, so you could be able to choose the best for you.

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