How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor

by Jacob Bennett Professional Writer
Whether you're an angler or simply an adventurer who likes to discover uncharted waters, a trolling motor is a critical piece of device.  They can function your important mode of moving electricity for small watercraft not desirable for the large horsepower inboard vehicles, or they are able to serve as your manner of tight, touchy control of your boat's movement as you fish.

Freshwater or Seawater Fishing

If you plan to fish in saltwater then you should purchase a trolling motor this is made for saltwater. Most of the time, when you compare the price of a saltwater trolling motor with a sparkling water one, it's miles costlier. This is because it's miles made in order that it is resistant to corrosion.

If you operate the boat handiest in fresh water then go for a freshwater trolling motor. If you operate the boat in each type of water then you'll want a saltwater trolling motor.

The Thrust of the Motor

The strength needed to pass your boat inside the water is referred to as thrust. The more the thrust, the better and less difficult your boat will circulate via the water.

If your motor doesn’t have proper thrust electricity, it'll be difficult on the way to work along with your boat while the tide is excessive or whilst the weather is difficult.

You need to get thrust power as according to the scale of your boat to determine what size trolling motor you want. If your boat is less than 12 toes in the period then 30 pounds of thrust is sufficient to run it.

If your boat is over 20 ft then you will want a hundred and one kilos of thrust power to run it nicely.

You want to stability the scale of your boat with the thrust energy. We all love an effective boat however it doesn’t make feel to have a motor that's too powerful for a ship this is too small.

If you have to choose among a motor that is too huge and too small, the higher choice is a huge one. This is due to the fact you'll get a touch greater thrust than you want in order to help in a hard climate. Also, the feeling of an effective motor is excellent. You need to hold in mind even though that the more powerful your motor, the greater gasoline, and energy it's going to devour.

Power Consumption: What Size Trolling Motor Do I want?

Consumption of strength is a vital aspect to keep in mind whilst you are buying a trolling motor which is electric.

When you buy a large motor, as cited inside the above factor, it will eat a whole lot more power than a smaller one. That is why you may want greater battery potential.

Depending on the scale of your boat, the motor capacity and the length you would really like to use the boat, you could pick the voltage of the motor. If you propose to fish for the whole day then you'll want a motor with a better voltage.

A 12 V motor is ideal enough for a boat that is much less than 16 ft. If you have a boat larger than that you could cross for a 24 V motor. If your boat is over 22 feet then it's far best to get a 36 V motor.

Ensure that the battery which you purchase is a deep cycle, first-rate marine battery. These are batteries which might be made especially for electric powered trolling automobiles.

Batteries and Voltage

As stated within the above factor, you can choose from three power structures. The structures are 12, 24 or 36 volts. A 12-volt trolling motor uses will use a 12-volt marine battery.

A 24-volt motor will use 12-volt batteries. A 36-volt motor will use three separate marine batteries.

Obviously, the 12-volt battery is the most inexpensive battery as it's miles an unmarried battery. You gained’t get the power that you'll get from a battery that has 24 V or has 36 V.

You can also fish for a shorter duration whilst you evaluate it with a 24 and 36-volt marine battery. The journey might be smoother with a 24V or a 36 V battery compared to an unmarried 12 V battery.

Transom or Bow Trolling Motor

Depending on the scale of your boat you could either go for a transom or a bow trolling motor. A bow trolling motor is best in case your boat is compact.

If you've got a huge boat then you may cross for a Transom trolling motor. When you put in a motor, you want to check that there may be sufficient space on the front of the boat.

You also will want a mounting bracket so that the housing of the motor is placed efficaciously.

If your boat is more than 14 toes in length then you have to cross for a Bow trolling motor. The gain of a bow motor is that since it pulls the boat via the water instead of pushing it just like the transom motor does, you get quicker pace and simpler dealing with.

One benefit of a Transom motor is that it will make sure that your boat remains in a role even when the weather is difficult so if you usually fish in areas wherein the weather gets rough, despite the fact that you have a protracted boat, you may nevertheless cross for the transom trolling motor.


When it comes to control, you don’t have an alternative if you cross for a transom mount trolling motor. They have handiest hand controls. If you get a bow mount trolling motor, then you could select between a foot manage and a hand manages option to function the trolling motor.

When the motor is a hand controlled one, the deck has much less litter as there is no foot pedal. This is the advantage of a hand control motor.

The benefit of a foot pedal motor is that your fingers are unfastened whilst you are working the motor so that you can do other responsibilities when you are operating the motor.

Foot manipulate trolling cars will give to you a enjoy that is arms-loose. You can use it anywhere in the boat and it's far very clean to use. It is tremendous for novices as they could then cognizance on other matters and their fingers are free to manipulate the boat and fish.

If you intend to have many people at the boat or if the boat is small then having a foot motor is a problem because the clutter on the boat will increase. This makes it tough to apply.

Another disadvantage of a foot pedal trolling motor is that the response is slower whilst you compare it to a hand motor. This reduces the performance when you maneuver the boat making it a piece clumsy to apply.

Regardless of the motor that you decide on, it's going to take a chunk of time to get used to it. Practice for some time before you decide to head in deep waters.

Shaft Length

The length of the shaft determines how without problems you manage the boat. This is the purpose that the shaft duration of your trolling motor ought to be best.

If you purchase a shaft that is very long then it will likely be hard on the way to use the boat whilst you are in shallow water.

If the shaft of your trolling motor may be very quick then the prop gained’t submerge deep sufficient. This will result in it being difficult to be able to use the boat while the water is hard or when the climate turns.

The well-known period of a shaft is forty-two inches. When you need to determine on the proper period that you want in your boat, you want to do the subsequent. Measure the duration from the location the shaft is mounted to the transom and to the water. Then you want to feature 16 to twenty inches to that depending on the motor you choose.

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