How to Choose an Engagement Ring Based on Your Personality

by Sehdev Jewellers Gemologist, Gemstone Dealers

Getting engaged to the person you love is a wonderful feeling. And what better way to celebrate this feeling as well as to mark the commitment and loyalty between you and your fiance than wearing an engagement ring that matches your taste, style, and personality.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of options that one can explore to pick the perfect engagement ring based on their personality. To ensure that the ring that you choose is a timeless piece of love, you must make the decision consciously. Here’s how you can choose an engagement rings that will make you look like a fashion diva, without compromising on your personal preferences.


Simple yet stunning

If you are a simplicity lover who loves classic Indian jewelry that exudes an eternal appeal, then going for a diamond solitaire would be a great choice. A traditional style, solitaire never goes out of style. You can even pick an oval cut ring which is another versatile option that goes well for those who seek simplicity.



For the glam fan, picking a halo ring with sparkling diamonds that surround an even bigger, sparkling diamond in the center, is a perfect option.

This ring will never let you leave without catching a glimpse of envy on the onlookers. Just be your glamorous self while wearing this ring and you will be glad to remain the style diva that you are.



For those who love to stand out from the rest, contemporary rings are the way to go. These are available in different styles, sizes, colors, and cuts and will suit the modern lifestyles pretty easily. So, think away from the age-old style and get engagement rings that are made of pretty and exquisite gemstones.

As a matter of fact, a stunning ruby gemstone ring that is an oval-shaped beauty can be one of the best choices to have. All that you need is a keen eye to look for something modern, classy and sophisticated.



There are many women who believe in classic styles when it comes to their engagement rings. If you are one of them, then choosing a vintage engagement ring will definitely be a great decision. Such a ring that comes with intricate designs and antique patterns can make your engagement ring look all the more ravishing.

And, they will also show your love for things that are old and which can’t really be replaced with contemporary things. So, go for that retro look and introduce that eternal romanticism into your engagement which classic things never fail to bring with them.


For those who like everything to be grand and lavish, an opulent cluster ring or a pear-shaped emerald gemstone ring will be some of the best choices to go for. Elegant yet everlasting, gemstone rings will not only make you look stately but will also add an oomph to your engagement describing your love for a luxe and stunning things.

So, choose a square cut emerald gemstone and diamond ring or a radiant cut ring which has an emerald shape cut with triangular facets, and you will surely be glad to make a choice as opulent as these.


Being engaged doesn’t have to take away the fun and quirkiness out of your personality. You can always stay the fun-loving girl that you are by letting your engagement ring portray the same. Get a two-tone engagement ring for that added brilliance and uniqueness that you crave for.

A combination of precious gemstones and diamonds will certainly be a sparkler. You can also pick one of the fancier shapes that exist today. From pears and double pears to hearts, stars and even pointed rings as well as flower petal-shaped rings– the variety is as huge as the list of fun activities you want to do after your engagement.

Bold & Confident

Want to try something bold and unusual? Wish to make a statement with your engagement ring that depicts how confident and sassy you are? Well, if that is the case, then you can pick a wonderful 3-stone ring. Another great choice to go for would be a geometric ring. Exquisite and out of the ordinary, only a real trendsetter and fashionista would know how to pull a geometric shaped ring with sheer panache.

You can get styles like starburst rings which have a center stone surrounded by baguettes or a charcoal-grey-black, hexagon diamond ring set in hand-crafted rose gold prongs. A peculiar ring like this will help you reveal you're confident self for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know about different rings that suit different personality types, just pick the style that matches your personality the best and gets going. Choose a memorable engagement ring that you will love for letting you be you. 

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