How to Choose a Vape – Top 10 Factors to Consider

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Vape juice doesn’t come cheap. That’s why knowing what you need to consider will help you make the most out of every vape item you buy. Here are ten factors to keep in mind when you shop around for vape e-juice. Use the knowledge to spend your money wisely.

Anatomy of the Device

You’ll encounter different types of vapes when you start checking out options. Understand the anatomy of the device to give you a better idea of which options suit your needs and preferences. For instance, knowing how the battery, tank, e-liquid, mod, and coils work will help future buying decisions.


Do you want to vape on the go? You’ll need to go for lightweight options, then. If you spend a lot of time at home, though, give the desktop version a try. These options are heavier and often require a power outlet. They pack a lot of thick vapor, though, so that’s something to take note of.


Choose either concentrates or flowers when you vape. You can use both with portable and desktop devices. However, if you’re vaping herbs, you’ll do better with concentrates.


Consider how much you’ll want to spend after you’ve gone through the available options on the market. Do your homework to find cost-effective vape supplies that fit your needs and budget. Try out concentrate pens, for one.

Type of Vape

You can pick a pen-style vape, vaporizers that come with advanced features, and TC vape devices which are designed with features that make it easy for you to adjust the temperature. Mechanical vape devices are also an option.


For atomizers, you can pick a cartomizer or cartridge. Check out disposable and refillable options. You can also try out a clearomizer, which is popular for the refillable structure of its tank system.

Coil Resistance

Lower resistance leads to more vapor and flavor production. However, it does come with a downside—you’ll need to have additional power to operate the unit. That leads to a shorter life span for your battery, so you’ll need to charge it frequently.

Pure Titanium

Get a vape with a pure titanium design and skip over the titanium alloy. You’ll end up with a better-performing unit this way. Also, using titanium alloy might lead to health problems or effects. Staying away from these options keeps you safe while you vape.

Temperature Technology

A lot of vapes have limited temperature control features and technology. Find out which brands and vape devices have been receiving positive reviews. Use whatever information you find to cull through your options.


Less-than-stellar options come without a Teflon coating. That’s bad news because the coating keeps the Teflon from melting, which could lead to fumes or induce Teflon flu, also medically termed as polymer fume fever. By getting your options from reputable brands and suppliers, though, you won’t need to worry about any missing coating. 

These are just ten of the factors you should keep in mind when you check out vaping supplies and devices. Learn more along the way. Shop today.

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