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After turning the question over and over a good bunch of times in your head, the finding is today without appeal, you found your half! The one with whom you think to go a long way, and with a little luck, walk the whole road together. It's time to jump in and show your commitment. Traditionally, this involves a formal marriage proposal. Whatever the way, we are not unaware that it is almost automatically accompanied by a pretty Diamond engagement ring. It is during the choice of this strong jewel in symbol that one can sometimes meet certain difficulties. What size of ring tower to choose? What size of stone? Which metal? What form of ring? So many questions whose answers are not fixed will depend on the tastes of the bride and the budget you want to dedicate to this jewel. Nothing like being able to rely on the advice of jewelry professionals to guide you in this choice. Here are some tips to enlighten you and inspire you throughout this thorny step.

how to choose an engagement ring

Before addressing the question of the likes of your half or the budget you have, here is a short reminder of the components of a loner, jewel often selected by the bride to make his request. It consists of a diamond (whatever the size), mounted on a ring, surrounded or not by other smaller stones. It is called this because the diamond positioned alone or not, will be the centerpiece of this jewel. It is a ring whose price is usually high as the quality and volume of the stone can quickly push up the note. Here are some guidelines that may be useful:

It is necessary to distinguish the different metals which can constitute the ring of the least expensive to the most expensive: the silver, the gold (yellow, white, pink, black) and the platinum (used in high jewelry).

There are a multitude of stones of various qualities. Fine (semi-precious) stones will be more affordable than precious stones (diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire). The diamond is more regularly chosen for this type of ring. Transparency, clarity, weight (carat) and lack of inclusions will testify to its quality and will condition its price.

Often round, the diamond can take different forms: marquise, heart, cushion, triangle, baguette, cone, pear, princess, etc. Be that as it may, it is the delicacy of the cup that will determine the beauty of the stone.

The ring can be accompanied by the setting of small stones surrounding the main diamond used to sublimate it. This alternative obviously tends to increase the price of the ring.

Just a year ago, we were creating the guide for women's jewelry for men, allowing us to learn more about the subject. Note that the trend for several years is based on white gold rings. The choice of metal should not be made lightly, it must take into consideration several criteria as specified here by the jewelry OR OF WORLD, ethical jewelry:

"Yellow gold is  the color that offers the most beautiful contrast with the dullest skin, while the pink gold is very clear on light skin. White gold (or platinum) is well suited to all types  of skins. Regarding the choice of the latter, always prefer a palladium white gold to rhodium white gold. Gold is naturally yellow. The rhodium-plated white gold is its white color to treatment  of surface the rhodium, which fades over time and must be renewed every year to regain its luster. Palladium white gold, on the other hand, is naturally white because of its alloy and retains its color. "

Pay attention to what she likes

Two elements will come later to determine the choice of this symbolic gem: the budget and the desire to please him! This last point is obviously essential. The idea is to opt for a model that will seduce her for sure and that will remain timeless over the years. This is not an easy task, especially considering the number of brands and rings available on the jewelry market. However, she may already have a pretty good idea of ​​what she would like to see around her ring finger in the case of a hypothetical marriage proposal. Better still, she probably innocently sent some signals to which we were not necessarily attentive. It is not too late to try to decrypt them or to bring them to the surface. During walks sometimes accompanied by a little licking showcase, it may be that she willingly shows a model, a ring style that she finds very beautiful. It is essential to pay particular attention to this kind of trips and "innocuous" remarks.

3. Find the right jeweler

Once the budget is set, it's time to jump into the water to find the coveted ring. Again, there is really no rule. Some of you will be more comfortable buying it online while others will move into the store. Perhaps you will be attached to finding an ethical jewel respecting certain values ​​and traditions that perfectly match those conveyed by a commitment that represents marriage. GOLD OF THE WORLD, first green jewelry to certify the origin of its diamonds and to recycle, bring a new light on the way of selecting this ring in an ethical and responsible spirit:

"  Behind the brilliance of gold and stones, the practices of the jewelry industry are often in contradiction with the jewels symbols of love and commitment. There is enough gold already extracted on the surface of the planet to support the jewelry industry for the next 50 years without resorting to highly polluting extraction processes . 99% of diamonds have no traceability and can not be certified ethical (working conditions, source of financing, environmental impact ...). Choosing an ethical engagement ring is to select a unique jewel in the image of the happy event that it celebrates, in the respect of all those who contribute to its creation, from the miner to the jeweler and in a constant concern for the protection of the environment. "

The main thing is to be able to go to the right site or the right jeweler according to the criteria you have defined previously. It would be a shame to go head to head in a jeweler's shop and tell the seller that you are coming to buy an engagement ring, without having a look at the prices in the shop window ... Here is a non-exhaustive selection of shops and sites classified by price ranges can guide your choice:

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