How to Choose a Collar and Harness Suitable For Your Dog

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Today we can find different types of collars for dogs and harnesses. And although there is a wide variety of materials and colors, our decision should not be made solely by the aesthetics of the product. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. We also depend on the use we want to give, on the attitude of our dog during the walk, or even on his breed.

The collars are useful for the training of young dogs and puppies. They are used to teach them to walk the street properly. There are specific and very varied collars, from the widths designed for the education of the puppies, to training collars that can be dangerous if they are not used by a professional. The collars are not recommended for dogs that tend to pull, since they can cause damage to the neck or trachea that can lead to breathing difficulties. For this reason, they are not recommended in brachycephalic breeds, such as carlines or bulldogs, due to their respiratory problems.

The dog harness ensures that the pressure exerted by the dog when pulling the leash does not concentrate on the neck. This could cause the dog to reinforce that behavior. In this case we should go to a trainer to advise us how to act. It should also be used to travel in the car, because in case of an accident the harness holds the dog's body, avoiding possible damage.

Types of necklaces

Standard or walk collar: just grab the dog's neck. It is usually made of leather or nylon, the latter being more resistant to moisture and easier to wash. There are collars of different thickness, being the widest suitable for puppies or greyhounds. These types of collars are suitable to initiate the puppies in their use. It will be easier to adapt to a collar than to a harness, because it will be less annoying.

Head or nose collar: grab the neck below the skull and snout. The strap reaches the bottom of the snout. Designed for animals that pull a lot on the leash, it helps control the direction of the animal. Apparently it is not a harmful or annoying collar, but if not used correctly it can cause damage to the spine, so the head collar recommends a professional use of it.

Barbed collar:  metallic, with spikes towards the inside of the neck that twist the skin when the dog pulls on the leash. They can generate serious wounds.

«Hanging» necklace: they are usually metallic, formed by a chain and a ring at each end, which form a loop. When the dog pulls on the leash, the collar exerts a pressure proportional to the pull on its neck. It can cause damage to the trachea, causing respiratory problems or asphyxiation.

Even without considering the risk they pose for our pet, both the hanging and barbed collar train the dog through negative reinforcement, wrong practices in my opinion. The correct way to educate our pet is through rewards and positive reinforcement.

Tips when using the necklace

To place the collar on your dog, you must keep in mind that between this and the neck a finger must fit. If the collar is too loose, it can be removed and if it is too tight, it can cause injury. It is also advisable to be clear about the size of collar that your dog needs before buying it. Ideally, you go to the store with your pet.

Types of harnesses

In the market we can find different types of harnesses, each depending on our needs and those of our dog.

Easy Walk and Sense-ible harnesses: they are designed to train the dog on the walk, preventing them from pulling, running or jumping. They do not cause asphyxiation or cough in the animal. The leash reaches the chest, at the height of the sternum, so that when the dog wants to throw the harness it changes direction.

Harness Merhi Long:  sports harness. It has thick straps that prevent the animal from suffering chafing between the legs or the chest. The point of attachment of the strap is on the spine. Suitable for hunting dogs, greyhounds or competition.

EzyDog Quick Fit harness: ride harness. Very comfortable for the animal. Suitable for calm and well-behaved dogs.

Work harnesses: similar to Merhi Long, there are numerous types. For rescue, police, guide dogs, for canicross

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