How To Change The Bandwidth Channel On Belkin Wireless Router?

by Paticia C. IT Consulting

Normally Wi-Fi or router has two different bands in frequency. Almost any of the people will use 2.4GHz. If you are using Wi-Fi network and there are no any other networks available near you, then it makes no sense whatever band you select. But if another network is available near you and it also accesses the same channel, then the signal will get shared, which is you people get slower network connectivity. In that if you don’t want to share the bandwidth, you can change the channel to other channels which are unused.

Reason why people opt for the change in bandwidth Channel in a router?

·         Low signal from your router – router’s place is the main thing which affects the performance of the router. User’s router or other wireless network devices may lose its connectivity because of even some physical obstacles like floors and walls. The best place to place router is at the central part of the house.

·         Collisions with other wireless devices – collisions or interference happen when there is another wireless device is available using the same bandwidth channel as yours in your network area. Some devices that use same frequency bands are cordless phones, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, etc.

·         Power off – sudden power off will lead to irregular wireless connection or even may lead to no connection at all established from your router device. In case it happened, the better solution to make it normal is that to power cycle your router. To do this, you have to switch off the router and to unplug your router and keep it as such. Wait for 10 seconds and then after that plug it and switch it on.

If a user still noticing that you are getting no connection or getting an irregular connection, then the user must do the following steps,

1.      Reset and reconfigure the router – for resetting procedure, refer our site on Belkin router Support information

2.      Update your router firmware – after a power shortage of failure, there may a chance that your router firmware got corrupted which results in irregular connection.

After checking this entire problem and still you getting the poor network connectivity, here is one of the best solutions in order to improve your Belkin wireless router internet connection speed is that by changing the bandwidth channel and to get the better performance. We tell you briefly to choose lower or higher bandwidth channel to improve your router’s network performance capability

Step 1: Launch a web browser

Step 2: When the web browser is opened, type in the address bar as http://router or your router’s default address and then press enter. If this process doesn’t work, check your router’s IP address.

·         The default address for Belkin wireless router is

Step 3: Click on the login button

Step 4: Once you are directed to a login page, just leave the password field empty and then click on to submit button

Step 5: On top of the page, under wireless division, click on Channel and SSID option

Step 6: After that, search for the wireless channel section and select your preferred wireless channel. The channels 1, 6 and 11 are the most recommended channels since they are the one which won’t get overlap with other channels.

Note: all the available wireless channels may get varies depending on the particular region.

If you people want, you may also change your Wi-Fi name on the wireless channel and SSID region.

Step 7: User has now successfully changed the bandwidth channel and now they can enjoy the high internet connectivity provided by the Belkin wireless router Support.

If you people want to change the bandwidth channel, we recommend you to not to do it blindly. Most Android and smart devices offer graph makes it easy to check which channels are most crowded and will help you show the active access points. Make use of it and do wiser process!

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