How to Block Unwanted Messages on iPhone

by Jeniffer Leio Excutive

Unwanted messages on your Android and Apple devices are not only annoying but can also prove to be harmful.

Besides the annoyingness, you can also receive several messages from many nearest stores, call centers, local restaurants, and advertisement companies. Unwanted message receives on phones is similar to the robocalls you receive daily.

How to Block Unwanted Messages on iPhone

Although you have received several messages on your device annoying you like you won a trip, warning for your device and your iCloud has been overtaken. Those messages on your device are tricky messages that attempt to access your personal information to cyber-criminal. The cyber-criminal take your phone number and access your account information and also access your online accounts.

In this blog, we will teach you how to not just ignore those unwanted messages but permanently stop to prevent robocalls or cyber-crime.

Don’t Open Any Links

Cyber-criminals are very tricky, and they send you a message on your number from the required company. They sent a message that contains a link asking you to verify your account details. Then they take you to a certain site and get your all information like your username, password and your other related information for further use.

Whenever you receive an unwanted message on your device with an attached link, then instead of opening the message delete it asap. Even if you respond to the message and open it, then never fill your details like your username password and other account details. It may harm you.

Before Replying “STOP” Do Inquiry

A simple way to opt-out of receiving the unwanted message and notification like Advertisement message that contains a link, call from fake banks and company who are offering you many excellent opportunities without any cost or cheap rates. Reply to that message source with “STOP.” It is the faster way to stop the message from everything like an Internet service provider and political campaign.

But cyber-criminals also use the same tools to replying to their messages, in terms your phone number is valid and can target you for the more robocalls message. Instead of rapidly replying STOP to an unwanted message, you can also use other options to see the number that is recognized organization or for the business use.

Report Bad Message to Carrier

If you cannot verify the sender’s message, or it is a cyber-criminal message, then you can forward this message to 7726 from your phone. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon all are the accepting cyber-criminal message. After reporting, you can receive a message that asks you for more information to confirm the number to verify the original message that you sent. Some carriers like Sprint will block the number after reporting your complaint.

Use Phone In-Built Blocking Features

One another method is to block the unwanted number by yourself in your device. Android and iOS both have inbuilt features that block unwanted numbers and message source robocalls.


Here are the steps on how to block an unwanted number on iPhone:-

  1. Launch the iMessage application on your device.
  2. Hit on the profile photo on the top of the screen.
  3. Hit the Info icon.
  4. Click on the Phone number that shown Block this Caller that appears at the bottom of the screen.

After these steps you can block the unwanted number from your device, now you can’t receive a message from the number you have blocked.


On the Android phone block process will different from iPhone, it will depend on which phone you are using and which message application you have installed.

Here are the steps on how to block an unwanted number on Google Messaging Application:-

  1. Launch the Google Messaging application.
  2. Hit the menu option on the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Details in the list appear list.
  4. On the screen tap Block and report.
  5. Tap OK.

The message application sent ten messages from the earlier message to Google to verify and detect the issue. Remember if you block the number, then you are not eligible to post a message on Google.

Samsung Message Application

Here are the steps on how to block an unwanted number on the Samsung Message application.

  1. Launch the message application.
  2. Tap ion the conversation that you wish to block.
  3. Hit on the three doubts that appears on the top right on the screen.
  4. Choose Block number.
  5. Tap the Block icon.

Jeniffer Leio is a technical writer and her background is in engineering. She has been covering IT-related subjects like AI, Operating Systems, Latest Trends, Software, Cybersecurity, and Printer Support for a long time. She writes blogs, guides, white papers, and essays on several platforms. Her appreciated work mainly comes on hp printer support.


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