How to Avoid Common Denture Problems

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Some denture wearers experience infections in their mouths. Cheilitis isn't common problems, but it may occur. Cheilitis is painful contamination causing inflammation and cracks in the corners of your mouth. It seems like it is probably because of the dentures but it is, in fact, an end result of yeast in your body. And the yeast accumulates in the moist areas of your mouth whilst your dentures aren't fitting properly.

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Cheilitis can be prevented by consulting to your dentist at regular intervals so your dentist can make the necessary changes or relines to re-in shape your dentures in Brooklyn NY. And you need to do your part too! Properly cleaning your dentures each day and chewing lightly on each aspect of your denture will preserve the match and fitting of your denture.

Difficulty in eating and speaking

When you’re a new denture wearer, you have to practice in the early days to properly eat and speak. People who get dentures for the first time mostly struggle while chewing. Hard foods like nuts and seeds can be even tough to bite as it sometimes results in slipping and moving of dentures from the original position. The solution to this kind of problem can be adjusting the diet and including more soft foods that can be chewed without effort. However, if you’re seriously feeling embarrassed and think that eating with your dentures has become a challenge for you; it is good to take professional advice from Cosmetic Dentistry New York.

Mouth Infection

As mentioned above in this post, some people may susceptive to mouth infections such as Cheilitis from wearing dentures. It is ideal to see your dentist regularly for inspection of your mouth and early treatment of any growing infection.

Cleaning problems

Cleaning dentures can be a tricky task. Removable dentures can be removed and cleaned manually by the wearer.  The food you eat may get trapped between clasps, palates, and saddles. The food debris can be removed by rinsing your dentures with water. Also brush your natural teeth, gums, and tongue with a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid bacteria buildup.

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