How To Avoid Being Fooled While Collecting Your Rental Van?

by Tom James Bargain Car, Truck & Van Rentals

Every coin has two sides, similarly, every business transaction has two sides - the seller and the consumer.

It becomes a little too complicated if both parties are unknown to each other, especially when the transaction is about rental goods.

Van rental companies in West Chester are known to provide vans that are up to speed with all kinds of activities, whether that be moving goods, family trips or just a good ride around the block!

It is also crucial for both parties to ensure that they check the car or van that they are renting, as failing to do so may result in unexpected damage charges!

This guide will ensure that you will always be the smarter one in the room, or more importantly the one to be on the safe side! Keep reading ahead.

4 Ways To Check Your Rental Van 

  1. Photograph-As-A-Proof

One doesn’t need to have a fancy camera to do this! Any camera or video camera is sufficient to capture the interior, exterior, and underneath of the vehicle.

It might happen that the car rental companies fail to record every little dent on the van before handing it over to the customer.

You have to be alert about such things, and don’t forget to take individual images to make them realize the condition of the vehicle while returning it!

  1. You Aren’t Wasting Time

Yes, the above process will take a considerable amount of time but it’s always better than ending up in an awkward negotiation!

Don’t think you are wasting anybody’s time! They will understand its importance if they really need the van in perfect condition back.

If you need help, ask the workers to help you out. Create a checklist and run it through a member of the van rental company to cross-check it!

  1. Timestamp 

This one feature is extremely important if you want factual information associated with those images.

If you fail to timestamp your images, those images have no factual base and can’t say for sure if those really do talk about this specific van.

You have to activate this functionality in your camera or video camera. Also, hold your images for the next 4 - 6 months after your rental agreement finishes, in case, any damage case is filed against you in the future!

Now, those images will act out for you and you’ll easily come out as true. In fact, who knows, they might end up paying you money for the trouble they caused you!

  1. Document Dents & Scratches Instantly

Once you spot damage while taking photographs, quickly get hold of a member from the van rental company and report the damage.

Document the dent/scratch right away, either in the agreement booklet or ask for another vehicle!

The size of the dent doesn’t matter, the damage is damage. Make sure to put this point across everybody.

Other flaws to look out for in the van or car include flat tyres, lights that don’t work, and registration plates with a different number as compared to the agreement documents among others. 


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