How to achieve the natural hairline design by hair restoration surgery?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant
The essence of any cosmetic surgery is in the fact that it should be indistinguishable i.e as close as natural looking. Needless to say a cosmetic surgery, if it can be identified separately in your appearance then it s not well done. The same goes with hair transplant, best and the most natural looking hair transplants are performed in such a manner that it is almost impossible to identify the fact that a hair transplant has actually taken place. One very crucial part of this natural looking appearance is hairline design. As one step of hair transplant, hairline design ensures that the grafts are well aligned, well angulated, well spaced with extreme care. 

Evolution of hair transplant procedure 
Initially, when hair transplant procedures were performed using rudimentary techniques, the procedure used to yield not so great results in terms of aesthetic appeal. However, with advent of technology which has essentially identified areas of improvement in hair transplant procedure, it has become possible to improve the outcomes and ensure natural looking hair transplant treatment. Cosmetic surgeries have always been very demanding in terms of achieving flawless results. Several blogs and reviews are available on internet that actually recommends the procedure while there are some that warn against the procedures. The reason is simple, despite advent in technology the prime reason is the skills of your cosmetic surgeon. Yes, not only the surgical skills but also the artistic skills that can allow a vivid imagination and an ability to translate that imagination into reality. 
Hair transplant in India
So, the first answer to the question of how to achieve the natural hairline is? Ensure to visit a clinic which has a skilled and an artistic surgeon as well as is using world class technology. To this effect, Medispa Hair transplant clinic in India is one of the most renowned hair transplant clinics which has state of the art equipments, international protocols, treatment plans etc. Several hundred patients bear testimony to its success as a clinic providing the most natural looking hair transplant results. Hence, some of them refer to Medispa Hair transplant as the best hair transplant clinic in India. Dr Suneet Soni, the owner and in house surgeon at Medispa has established his position globally as an authority on the hair transplant subject. He is well known for his genuine consultation, expert skills and most importantly his artistic sense that aids his hairline design abilities. 

Cost wise also India is very economical. Hair transplant cost in India is also very affordable and pocket friendly (almost 20-25% of cost in western countries) despite the high quality services offered in the country, as a result patients from all across the globe travel to India in search of low cost and high quality treatment for their hair loss problem. 

How to get natural hairline design by Hair Restoration surgery? 
From your side, after you have chosen an expert and trustworthy surgeon and a technologically enabled clinic, you can expect following considerations from your surgeon’s side to deliver a natural looking hairline: 

1. Proper angulations of the hair follicles: Every individual has a unique angulations pattern of the hair. The hair follicles harvested from the donor area are angulated in the proper direction. Since, each hair is aligned in a different direction in natural hairline so during transplantation it has to be ensured that slits are prepared in a way so that one can achieve proper angulations of hair grafts. 

2. Non-linear hair graft arrangement: This is one of the most common mistake that improperly trained or inexperienced hair surgeons make, they arrange the hair follicles in a linear fashion and the result is a doll like head or a wig like appearance. This is because in a natural hairline, the hair follicles are arranged irregularly in a zigzag pattern and not in linear fashion. An experienced hair transplant surgeon would use this knowledge to his advantage and keep it in mind while designing a hairline. 

3. Appropriate placement of the hair grafts: It is very essential that the thin hair grafts are implanted in the front and around temporal triangles while the thick hair grafts are placed at the rear lines, this placement pattern ensures a natural looking hairline and also ensures a fuller look thus providing more coverage to the bald area. Hair line should not start or end abruptly rather it should be gradual and there should be transitional zones. In the first rows, it should be always single grafts that should be placed in a zig zag manner and then there should be double and triple rooted grafts in subsequent lines 

4. Focus on Extended hairline region: In order to achieve aesthetic outcomes from hair transplant, it is essential to have an extended hairline region that lies. Maximum surgeons only focus on the front line or on the transition zone, however, to achieve natural looking hairline, it is extremely vital to focus on the extended hairline zone. Extended hairline zone comprises of three zones which include: Transition zone, defined zone and the frontal tufts. Transition zone demands scanty, soft and zig zag pattern. Defined zone needs high density and fuller grafts and last but not the least frontal tufts should have the most dense graft placement. 

Thus, it is quite evident that hairline design is like painting and art where each brush stroke matters and differentiates a wonderful art from a simple drawing. So, an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Suneet Soni of Medispa Hair transplant clinic who has strong content knowledge, deep rooted experience in hair line design and strong patient reviews to back this claim should be an ideal surgeon for your need to have a natural looking hairline using hair restoration.

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