How the Cheap Cloud Servers Improves Business Availability and Performance

by Moni Singh go4hosting

Cloud hosting is the best choice for organizations to make their business available and accessible to the public around the year. It is more reliable and affordable than the traditional hosting services. There are cloud providers who offer free storage services. However, if your business is a revenue-earning one, you must look for cheap cloud servers rather than rely on free services.  

The free storage has a limit after which the providers will charge you. As your business grows, your data increases and you could be introducing new services. You must look for services that allow you scalable storage. 


The best hosting providers offer cheap cloud servers that ensure business availability and continuity with bare minimum downtime

1. Reliable: Cloud is designed to make your applications be available all the time. It works as a network of servers which are automated to take over and provide resources in case one of them is down for some reason. This is contrary to the traditional servers which experience some downtime during an issue.

2. Scalable: Cloud gives a user the flexibility to scale the resources. Organizations have high traffic occasionally. In the traditional hosting, you buy the hardware in advance which may exceed what you need. This means you are paying for resources you do not require. In the cloud when you anticipate high traffic, resources can be available on demand with just a couple of clicks. You can restore back to your original capacity once locking up the resources once the traffic rush subsides. There is no risk of traffic spikes and no wastage of resources.

Financial benefits

1. No upfront investment

The cheap cloud servers are placed in remote data centers owned and managed by the cloud service providers. This means you do not have to invest in the expensive data center infrastructure. The hardware requirements are minimal, and you only need a powerful and fast internet connection.


2. No need for technical skills

Software licenses, installations, updates, security patches, hardware maintenance, component repairs, and replacements are the responsibility of the service provider. If your business is not IT-related, you need not recruit IT experts. Even if a need arises you can buy the managed hosting. IF you have a team of IT, they will have more time and resources to focus on building core business applications.

3. Easy billing mode

Cloud services are like the utility services. Rather than buying pre-fixed plans as in traditional hosting, you subscribe to the services you need. You pay for only what you have consumed. There is no wastage, nor do you pay for resources you never will use.

Location free access

You carry your business wherever you go. Unlike in traditional hosting where you carry external storage devices, the cheap cloud servers enable you to access and work on your applications from anywhere.  All you need is an internet connected device- laptop, smartphone etc. This gives a business multiple beneficial options

1. Staff can work from home in emergencies if you allow them the privileges

2. You can hire professional freelancers remotely or locally to work on your projects

3. You may access your applications while on the move, in between meetings, and still coordinate with your employees.


The best hosting companies will not compromise on quality when you buy cheap cloud servers. They apply the best practices to protect your data and applications. Encryption of data when migrating the information to the cloud ensures there is no risk of data being stolen by cybercriminals.  Robust physical security arrangements are made at the data centers to prevent any theft. Data backup is done automatically

Cloud providers replicate the data and store it in separate data centers to ensure your website is available at any one place all the time. If there is an outage or some disaster, your applications are still available at the other locations for people to consume what they need.

The cheap cloud VPS hosting is an ideal hosting choice for small businesses that have outgrown the traditional shared hosting and need more flexibility in resources and features. Cloud VPS gives you the control to configure the server, install any software you need for your business. 

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