How Tejocote Root Helps dealing with weight gain in 30s

by Sanjay Nandy Digital Marketing Manager

After attaining the age of 30, everyone goes through certain kinds of physical changes and weight gain is one of them. This article explains how consuming Tejocote Root can prevent you from getting overweight.  


Entering the The 30s is challenging as it is the most vital phase of your life. What you do in your 30s defines your identity and builds your future. You enter a new chapter of your life during this period – getting married and attaining parenthood. With so much going on in your life i.e., reshuffling of priorities, taking new responsibilities, balancing work and family; health care somehow gets lost among these commitments. Time management and inconvenience give way to unhealthy eating schedules and that is why most people are seen gaining weight after 30. To avoid putting on weight try the Tejocote Root supplement along with a healthy diet.

This the supplement doesn’t require you to fast or go strict dieting and so it will be very easy for you to regulate weight even in your busy schedules. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy and fit in your 30s with the intake of this supplement.


Healthy measures to drop some pounds in your 30s while on Tejocote Root therapy


Ensure you have a protein-rich diet

During the 30s phase, the metabolism mechanism in the body slows down compared to your The 20s. So, your body needs fuel to boost up the rate of metabolism. Protein is that fuel and hence, it is extremely important that the majority of your meal comprises of protein. Protein also supplies strength to the muscles and increases muscle mass. Your ideal daily intake of protein consumption per meal should be around 30 grams.

Some of the best sources of this valuable nutrient are protein shakes, green salads (with wild and grilled salmons), baked tofu, bean-based pasta, etc.


Keep yourself away from junk foods

Most of the females enter motherhood during their 30s and this is a stage when one experience joy, laughter, and abundance of happiness with the little bundle of joy.  But this is also the time when you completely ignore your health and the things you eat because your priorities are set straight for your baby.

It is natural for your toddler to be fond of chocolates, pizzas, nuggets, crackers. However, finishing up your toddler’s leftover food will certainly make you gain weight. This becomes an everyday affair and you as a mother will often find it hard to waste food or avoid eating off your kid’s plate. Though it is difficult but in order to stay healthy, you need to stop doing this.

Also, working men and women in their 30s indulge in unhealthy snacking during recess which is another reason for the constant increase in weight.


Get proper sleep

If you are quite serious about controlling weight gain, then give importance to your sleep hours. Sleep work in sync with the supplement to support your weight loss therapy. The 30s do not provide enough time to rest as you are occupied with work, household chores, kids, and elderly parents. But still, you have to make time for yourself to rest properly.

Studies and surveys show that lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for obesity. When you are under stress and do not sleep properly, your hunger hormone gets triggered and your appetite increases. You tend to eat more and also the metabolism rate decreases. Lack of sleep will make you feel lethargic and less motivated to exercise. This further worsens the problem of fat gain.


Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated


Ditch all kinds of diet sodas, soft drinks, or beverages as sugar won’t do any good to your health. Trust nothing but only water when it comes to drinks. To make the Tejocote Root Supplement work best, you need to ensure that your body is hydrated enough.


The the supplement comes in the form of solid pieces and not as capsules. The pieces contain a fiber called Pectin which is very useful for controlling your appetite. Drinking a lot of water along with the supplement pieces causes the Pectin fiber absorbs the water and makes your stomach full. As a result, you won’t feel hungry for at least 4-5 hours and your food, as well as calories
intake, gets curbed down. The lower the calories you intake, the lower is the chance of fat accumulation.   


Final Takeaway

Losing weight after your 30s will no longer be tough or challenging if you follow these healthy hacks and stick to the Tejocote Root supplement regularly. The 30s are the years when you experience the maximum changes health-wise. So, it’s is crucial that you take care of yourself and do not let your body succumbs to obesity.

By maintaining a balanced diet rich in protein, avoiding junk food, sleeping well, and drinking adequate water, weight regulation is possible. You just need to take some time out for yourself and focus on your wellbeing even if you have kids to take care of and a job to manage. The 30s are never going to be easy and so you have to prioritize health alongside everything else.

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