How should children concentrate on studies for long hours?

by Rohit Sharma Internet Marketer

Study is not merely the process of reading. It involves pure concentration by understanding the concept, ideas, grasping the subject. Literally, concentration means to direct all the attention towards a task, by avoiding thinking of any other activities.

Students tend to lose their concentration power at home because they indulge in so many other tasks. At schools, this happens a little because in schools there is an atmosphere created which keep them engage in studies.  There are a no. of boarding schools in Dehradun, which assure to provide good education to the students.

Developing a level of concentration is a challenging task for many. Only a few of them can master it successfully. For this, one needs proper concentration skills in order to achieve success in every aspect of life. Here are some important tips that will help you to concentrate better on studies:

•    Take small breaks

Studying for long hours without any breaks leads to a lack of interest in studies as we get bored. Instead, take small breaks in between longtime studies to refresh yourself as well as your mind.

•    Remain hydrated

As drinking water has many advantageous properties for us. Be well hydrated as it increases the concentration power and you will be able to remember the things more. Take plenty of fresh & clean water because it improves your brain’s ability to learn & grasp more.

•    Get all the reading & stationary items before time

What do the children do?

Mostly, they get up again n again to find a pencil, pen, notebook or either a missing book etc in between their study time. This ends up consuming a lot of precious time. Ensure each n everything beforehand so that you may not require looking for the things in the middle of the study.

•    Sit in a separate room for study

There are some major distractions such as the noise of the children playing around, attractive lights & colors, T.V, laptop, smartphones etc. which should not be there in your study room.  The place where you sit & study should not have such things which distract you from concentrating in studies. Because all these will not able to make you concentrate properly.

•    Avoid Extra activities

Children have a habit of doing many tasks at the same time while studying like messaging on cell phones, listening to music etc. But this is not a way to study effectively. One cannot focus properly on study doing this as engaging in other tasks steals the attention. So children should stop all these extra activities during studies so that more n more concentration can be given on it

•    Never study more than a subject

It is highly advisable not to study more than one subject at a time. In order to learn & grasp meaningfully, one should read only a subject at a particular time.

•    Eat to maintain the energy level

Healthy intake plays a very important role in developing better concentration power skill. One should take a nutritional diet rich in all the necessary nutrients (having vitamins, minerals, proteins & carbohydrates) in a proper amount. Also don’t eat too much before you sit to study as you may tend to fall asleep.

•    Study at night or early morning

If possible for you, then try to study either of the time. As both the times are peak hours when there is no sound from anywhere.

•    De-clutter space

Make sure that your reading space should be neat & clean. Clear your desk of everything which seems unnecessary for you like toys, clothes, notes, and assignments of other subjects etc. Only the things that you absolutely need should be kept in front of you at the time of the study.

Studying with full concentration leads to products as well as an effective study. Children may find it hard to throw away their mind & all other thoughts and to concentrate on studies purely.

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