How safe conveyor systems uses for your employee

by Swati Malik Marketing Manager

Conveyor systems can be considered as the most reliable and efficient machinery for your industry. However, you need to ensure that certain safety precautions in terms of training and safety equipment are essential for your employees. Even a little carelessness can result in serious injury to your employees and even death in some instances.

Training your employees to work around a conveyor belt with prescribed uniform and safety equipment is necessary. Like any other industrial equipment, training remains the most vital part of an employee’s preparation for working on the conveyor system.  All safety related issues need to be adequately conveyed to the employees to make them understand how dangerous can the conveyor system be if not operated as per instructions.There have many type of Conveyor systems available in market such as Roller Conveyor systems, Loading Conveyor systems and more.

Essential rules for conveyor belt safety

In the industrial units, the conveyor system can be the most common source of employees’ injury. If you have visitors in your facility, ensure that they are not allowed anywhere near the conveyor system.

A few safety rules that your employees must follow:

•    The conveyor system is only for transporting goods, therefore, never sit, step or stand on the conveyor belt.

•    The guards around the conveyor belt should never be removed. It protects you from the moving parts.

•    Allow authorised personnel only for repair and maintenance purposes.

•    The loading and unloading area needs to have ample space. There should be no hindrance at the start and stop points of your conveyor belt.

•    If any worker is found indulged in unsafe practices, it’s always better to report to the higher authorities.

•    Always avoid overloading your conveyor system. Regular overloading will cause your conveyor system to overheat and lead to a breakdown.

•    Allow maintenance only when all other equipment near the system is locked.

•    Use the emergency stop switch even if you feel a slight problem anywhere in the conveyor system.  Never wait for the accident to occur.

•    Never wear loose clothing and keep body parts away from the conveyor belt.

Proper training and adhering to safety precautions is vital here. Conveyor system based injuries can cost an enormous amount of money every year.  Most of these injuries are caused by material falling off the belts or workers body parts being stuck in the moving belt.  Loading and unloading of goods need to be done with utmost caution.

Safety of your employees needs to be your primary concern. The safety-first attitude in your organisation has multiple benefits:

1.    Increased Productivity: When there are minimum accidents at your workplace, your employees are regular, and conveyor system breakdown is minimal.  It positively influences your overall productivity.

2.    Improved Morale: Safer workplace automatically enhances the morale of the employees. They will feel happy and safe while working and thus will work with more dedication.

Conveyor systems are productive mechanical equipment at your workplace.  Ensure that your employees use it with utmost safety and rest you need not worry. Your organisation will save time and money as conveyor belts are highly effective.

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