How Pomegranate Can Increase Nitric Oxide in Men

by Earnests Drake Earnests Drake

Nothing will seem worse if a man has erectile dysfunction. It can destroy a sexual experience especially if your penis fails when you want to be intimate with your lover.  Erectile dysfunction is very common in men, and it can happen whatever age you may be. Even if older men mostly experience erectile problems, several young guys will face these problems. This can also make them feel a lot of stress. And the best way is to boost nitric oxide production in your body by eating pomegranate. Pomegranate increases nitric oxide, which can beat erectile disorder.

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Men do need nitric oxide in their body to make smooth penile muscles relax, so blood vessels dilate.  More blood then flows to the penis making it stiffer, harder and erect longer. This is what Viagra is renowned to do. But there are natural sources that can improve the nitric oxide production in the body, and these include: 

1. Pomegranates – This ultimate love fruit can increase nitric oxide levels in your body. This is the most efficient natural food to enhance your sexual experience. It will improve your libido or sex drive, making your penis have a harder and stiffer erection. 

2. Horny Goat Weed – It’s an herb that can enhance the nitric oxide levels in your body and improve blood flow to your sexual organ. It also suppresses the PDE5 enzyme responsible for having erectile dysfunction. Hence, you enjoy your sexual endeavors. 

3. Watermelon –This fruit can also enhance the nitric oxide levels. The flesh of the fruit has an enzyme reaction to make the compound known as citrulline transformed into arginine. This is what some men do to improve their libido. 

4. L-arginine – It’s an amino acid to promote erections. It will not only increase the nitric oxide levels in your body but boost the production of male sex hormone Testosterone. To ensure you have a large supply of L-arginine, you need to eat fish, crab, shrimp, salmon or cord, as well as lean meat and beans. If you only eat vegetables, consider ingesting broccoli, spinach, and other leafy vegetables. 

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Just like how pomegranate increases nitric oxide, you can also try several herbal pills and oils rich in natural ingredients and can make your penis have harder and stiffer erections. Taking pills may be advised but these usually take more time to erect. However, an erection oil can create erections fast. For this reason, most men choose these types of oils, especially when they need it the most.


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