How Political Parties are Using the Power of Big Data Hadoop?

by Sunil Upreti Digital Marketing Executive (SEO)

Big Data Hadoop has empowered the way we do business online. Not only this, but it has also impacted various aspects of the way we live our lives. Every sector is learning the power of Big Data Hadoop and has started taking advantages it offers. While thinking of Politics and data analytics, the first question arises, they had nothing in common than how did they come together. But you will learn the connection if you attend Big Data Training in Delhi.

Politics and Data Analytics!

Even political parties are not behind in leveraging the power of this wonderful technology. Using the power of Hadoop in their election campaign backed by data, numbers and analytics, they have sensed its potential and exploring new ways to take more benefits from it.

Various political parties have now established a dedicated Analytics cell which helps them to figure out and make crucial decisions. These include distribution of tickets, possible alliance and campaign strategy. Harnessing the power of Big Data has become a must for political parties nowadays. Earlier it was on smaller scale while now there is no limit.

The first time Big Data was used for any kind of election campaign was by US President, Barack Obama, in the year 2012. It was a huge scale campaign that involved analysis of every important detail of the prospective voters. These include their behavioral pattern, sentiments and everything which could make an impact on their voting preferences. The campaign leveraged data from web, social media, TV, mobile and tele-calling. The campaign also involved software programmers, staticians and predictive modellers. The information gathered using various data sets was carefully integrated under a common platform sliced and analyzed to the minutest detail.

Let us see how big political parties used and get benefitted out of Big Data:

  • Every country houses an extensive number of citizens who do not prefer to vote. One very big objective of the election campaigns was to bring those voters and first time voters to come out for voting. Democracies have observed increased success because of the aggressive digital engagement strategies by different political parties. If you have ever been a part of any reputed Hadoop institute in Delhi, you will definitely have some idea about this.

  • These companies have assisted in designing election campaigns which are dedicated and not generic. Just like other organizations, political parties also aim to understand their voters inside out. It is helpful for the campaign managers to develop campaigns by keeping interest in their mind.

  • Big data really helps in digging the issues encounter by the majority of the people in the country. Data analysis wonderfully recognizes what problem tops the list and focuses on designing a campaign around it. For examples, female education, lack of jobs, safety of women and children etc. the messages is created which helps in addressing the majority of the electorate.

  • While undergoing Hadoop training in Delhi, you will understand the various aspects of Data analytics. It further assists political parties to observe the demographic pattern of states, the economic density of rural and urban locations and track distribution of constituencies. It involves analyzing the voting patterns in previous elections and does efficient polling booth management.

  • Talking about global level, even TV channels have also adopted data analytics to predict the winners beforehand. The similar trend can be expected in India where TV channels will also be seen using analytics for predicting the election result.

  • In short, we can assume that Data will be serving as a guiding light for the political battle in the country. We can assume that the times where political giants used their gut instinct for predicting the election outcome is gone now. Big Data training in Delhi emphasize on the fact the way it is driving more benefits to political parties. Big data as well as improvement in computing technology now can be seen as a crucial part of election campaigns.

  • Social media is a convenient way for politicians to stay connected with the masses, which as a result, gives rise to a lot of data that is being stored at different levels. It can be understood very well by the fact that Prime Minister has millions of followers on social media channels. It shows that in times to come, many influential political personalities will be using digital media and data analytics together to target their election campaign.

  • Traditional political campaigns have now relied on aiming at the target audience in a localized fashion. During traditional political campaigns, we used to hear speakers that were urging people to vote for a particular party. As a result, they could reach out to a very limited audience only. Such campaign did have an impact on the people but on a smaller scale. Analytics in politics is completing changing it.

Hadoop institute in Delhi offers a complete insight on how Data analytics mainly refer to the process of refining as well as sorting the information. It can be done with using specialized systems as well as software which hold expertise in refining data sets. With changing time, political parties have also transformed the norm of traditional campaigning ways. They have planned to gather data analytics in their various campaigning tactics.

How Analytics Helps in Politics?

In a recent example, the analytics in politics has changed US presidential delectations. Donald Trump managed to get a swooping victory over his rival and people wondered how he managed to emerge as victorious. But we should not forget the fact that Trump’s electoral campaigning sourced help from data analytics which resulted in a far better outcome for his political party.

By using psychographic profiling, Trump managed to become a sensation on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Using the technique, they targeted the right batch of potential voters through the USA. Data analytics in politics enabled him acquire a wider outreach. As a result, Donald Trump was able to “know” about the data that was previously untouched and un-analyzed. Politicians have starting knowing what appeals to their audiences and now planning their campaigning accordingly. Social media serves as the prime source for such type of information.

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