How Online Kayastha Matrimony Sites Simplify The Match Finding The Process?

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Kayastha Matrimony
India is well known for its culture, tradition, and diversity and it is a diverse country in terms of caste and religion. Remarkably, four specified Varnas are there in Hindu Mythology- 

•    Brahmin, 
•    Kshatriya, 
•    Vaishya and 
•    Shudra 

But apart from them, yet another caste exists, which is Kayastha. They truly follow their caste and customs and believe that Kayastha matrimony should happen within their traditions and caste. It implies they strongly have believed in arrange marriages. However, perfect matchmaking of brides and groom is somehow like fetching the moon from the sky these days. But online Kayastha matrimony sites help makes it possible and feasible. 

Marriages have a significant role in our society and arranged marriage is still preferred across the world. But it is very popular in countries like India.

Kayastha groups in India
Every society and the community in India has different styles in which its weddings are celebrated. One of the matrimonial, which again depict the values and cultures followed by its people, is Kayastha Matrimony.

There are several groups of kayasthas. The largest one is Chitraguptavanshi kayasthas. These include the kayasthas of north-India and Bengal and some other parts of India.

Kayastha matrimony similar to Hindu Shaadi
Kayastha community usually in large number hail from Bengali community. They are known to be the worshipers of Chitragupta. These people are traditionally referred to as the caste of scribes and recognized to possess high intellectuality. 

Marriage rituals followed in the Kayastha matrimonial in Uttar Pradesh are almost the same as the ceremonies in other Hindu Shaadi, from jaimala, rituals in front of the fire, phere, and Vidaai.  

Rituals at the Kayastha matrimony
Kayastha wedding rituals are of full of excitement and life. The family of the Kayastha bride & groom fix the marriage.

•    Lagan Ceremony: lagan Patrika is sent to both bride and groom
•    Fixing the marriage date: proper date of marriage is fixed then
•  Bhat Nyotna: mother of bride/groom visits maternal home to invite her  parents
•    Haldi Kutai: The ritual of preparing fine turmeric powder
•    Tilak Ceremony: It’s the official acceptance of the groom to wed the bride
•    Mandapchadan: It is made on the bride’s and groom’s house to fulfill rituals
•    Haldi Ceremony: Haldi paste is applied to both bride and groom
•    Barat Procession: This starts from the groom’s house to a nearby temple and then matrimony venue

Various sections of profiles of an individual:
• Contact profile
• Work/career profile
• Location profile
• Physical profile
• Religious profile
• Community profile
• Personality profile
• Family profile
• Photographs / documents support

Benefits of registering Kayastha Matrimony online
There are lots of benefits of using Indian matchmaking sites. Many Indian matrimonial sites offer chat options with others interested in live chat options. Everyone who wants to search for a perfect life partner can perform a matrimonial registration from any state of India. This helps them well in finding a perfect life partner.

Free Registration
The registration is free at almost all the leading matrimony sites. The only thing that is required is the easy access to the internet. 

Many choices
Relatives of the prospects can’t fetch a choice of thousands of potential grooms or brides. But the internet can as more and a number of people are getting added every day. You can view hundreds of new profiles of prospective people. 

Convenience is the utmost benefit of registering online for Kayastha matrimony. The only things required are a computer and an internet connection. Anyone can browse through thousands of matrimonial profiles in English as well as Hindi language, right from your home and available all day. This method brings more flexibility and saves time to search.

Short List and Forward Facility
One is capable to shortlist or to forward the profiles to their families to have a look at the profile sent to their e-mail ID. 

One thing in which online matrimonial sites have their hands on over suggestions by friends and neighbors is complete neutrality. They have no preference to hide or exaggerate anything. 

Consumer Experience
Although online-matrimony sites offer free registration sometimes the perception of users are found to be a fraudulent or playful attitude for fun may bring the bad reputation of this business activity.

So, register on a reputed site, like to find the perfect life partner.

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