How Oligospermia Effects on Male Fertility

by Sneha Bhatt IVF Center

Oligospermia refers to low sperm count. It is one of the main causes of men infertility. It is a condition in which the semen consists of lesser sperm as compared to the normal sperm count. A person may experience other complications related to sexual functions like the ability to maintain the erection and get ejaculation at the time of orgasm. Oligospermia is one of the main causes of infertility in men. Sperm count refers to the number of sperms present in the 1 ml of semen. There are 40 million to 300 million sperm per milliliter in a sample of normal semen.

Oligospermia diagnosis

If a couple is planning to conceive a pregnancy, but are not able to conceive it naturally, despite having regular sexual intercourse throughout the year, then they are diagnosed for the infertility tests. The doctor will perform various tests on both males and females so as to find out who is the one who is facing infertility problems and also to find out the main reason for infertility in the affected person. After analyzing the fertility rate of man, the doctor will ask a man for the sample of semen and then will send it to the laboratory to analyze how healthy the man’s sperm is. There are three different types of Oligospermia a man can be diagnosed with and they are;

· Slight Oligospermia- This type of Oligospermia is diagnosed when the man’s sperm count is observed between ten to fifteen million sperm cells per millilitre of semen.

· Average Oligospermia- This happens when the man’s sperm is observed between 5 to 10 million sperm cells per millilitre semen

· Uncompromising Oligospermia- This comes to existence when the man’s sperm is observed between zeros to five million sperm cells per millilitre semen.

Oligospermia symptoms-

Basically there are no symptoms of Oligospermia in some men, but the situation can be discovered when they are unable to conceive the pregnancy. Some men can have visible symptoms such as;

· Thick discharge

· Pain during urinating, because of infections

· Swollen and enlarged veins

· Sexual dysfunction like; low sex drive, the problem in maintaining the erection and premature ejaculation

· Reduction in the facial and body hair and other symptoms of chromosome and hormone abnormality

· dilated and testicular veins

Oligospermia causes

There are several factors and conditions that lead to Oligospermia Causes. Some of them are mentioned below.

· Infection- Few viruses like sexually transmitted Infections can lead to a decrease in the sperm amount in the fluid called semen.

· Varicocele- The blood flow to the testicles can get disrupted by the enlarged veins in the man’s scrotum. This could result in an increase in the temperature in the testicles. The production of the sperm can negatively impact the rise in temperature.

· Problems related to ejaculation- There are several men dealing with Oligospermia face typical ejaculations; the sperm count may get decrease by some ejaculation problems. There are several factors that may with typical ejaculation like; tumour, cancer, injuries, previous surgeries.

· Medications – The problem of ejaculation and decrease in the low sperm count may cause due to the beta-blocker, antibiotics, and blood pressure medications.

· Hormones imbalances- Several hormones are been produced by the brain and testicles that are responsible for the production of sperm and for ejaculation. If there is any imbalances in any of the hormones, then this may lead to the low sperm count numbers.

· Exposure to chemicals and radiation- Chemicals like, pesticides, cleaning agents, and material paints, etc can cause the low sperm count in man. Also, radiation of x-ray can diminish the production of sperms. Excess exposure to radiation can lead to Azoospermia which means no sperm at all.

Other lifestyle factors responsible for Oligospermia are the use of drugs, consuming alcohol, smoking, mental stress, and excess weight.

Oligospermia treatments

The treatment of Oligospermia is a must to solve the problems and issues related to the infertility problems in men. Following are the treatments-

· Surgery- The enlarged veins are closed off by the doctors with the help of surgery, as Varicocele mostly requires surgery.

· Medications- Doctors may prescribe antibiotics, treat infections and inflammation. The treatment may not increase the count of sperms, but it may help prevent the sperm count drops.

· Lifestyle changes- The sperm numbers may get improve by losing and maintaining weight. Avoid taking drugs, tobacco and stop smoking so as to improve the sperm amounts.

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