How Obesity Surgery Helps Obese Individuals Regain Health And Confidence

by Ronit Roy Health Educator & Consultant

Obesity is not only a health disaster in itself but also opens the door to a lot of other problems physically and psychologically. It is not necessary that a person becomes obese only because of their lifestyle. Sometimes, obesity can be the result of other problems too like thyroid, etc. Even though a lot of people are still hesitant, Bariatric Surgery works wonders for obese people. Along with weight reduction, there are lots of other benefits of this surgery.

Health benefits of Bariatric Surgery:

  • Long term weight loss: After undergoing this surgery your weight will remain reduced even after 10 years or so. Studies have shown that 90% of patients who have had bariatric surgery have been successful in maintaining most of their weight loss.

  • Improvement of cardiovascular condition: Obesity tends to increase the blood pressure of an individual thereby causing strokes, high cholesterol, and heart diseases. Once your weight is reduced these problems are reduced too.

  • Decrease of Type 2 Diabetes: Most people who have type 2 diabetes are obese. Some people think that type 2 diabetes causes obesity which is not true. Obesity increases the levels of fatty acids and inflammation which leads to type 2 diabetes due to insulin resistance. If you gain your normal weight, then your chances of type 2 diabetes is eliminated automatically.

  • Relief from joint pain: Scientifically, when you walk on the plain ground the force put on your knees is equal to 1.5 times your weight. So the more the weight, the more force is put on knees resulting in joint pains. After the obesity surgery, your joint pains will ease to a minimal level.

  • Free of obstructive sleep apnea: Excessive weight can be related to the soft tissue of mouth and throat causing obstructive sleep apnea. When you fall asleep your muscles and tissues of mouth and throat relaxes and blocks the airway due to increased fat. Achieving a normal weight by surgery improves the sleep of someone suffering from sleep apnea.

Psychological benefits of Bariatric Surgery:
  • Increase in confidence: Several patients had reported that after the surgery they felt a boost in their confidence. As their daily life work and movements became easy they felt more confident both at home and work space.

  • Relief from depression: Fat shaming is severe negativity of obesity, especially for women. More often than not women are objected more than men because of their weight. This can result in depression and anxiety. Reducing your weight to the normal stage can reduce that.

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