How Much Is Everyday Hair Loss Normal?

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Are u worried about your hair loss? Do you wonder to find out how much hair should you lose in a day? If yes, this article is definitely or you.

To find out how much hair loss in a day is normal, you would need to understand the hair cycle first. The hair cycle consists of three phases including the anagen, catagen and Telogen phases.

Anagen phase

In this phase, the hair starts to grow. Normally, a hair grows half an inch in after every 28 days. The hair stays in anagen phase for about 3-5 years.

Catagen Phase                  

When the anagen phase ends, your hair goes into a resting phase also known as catagen phase. This phase lasts for about 10-20 days.

Telogen phase

The last phase is Telogen or shedding phase. This last for about three months. In this phase, the hair shedding happens.

Under normal circumstances, more than 80% of hair stay in the anagen phase, about 8 percent hair resides in catagen phase and 2-3 percent hair are in shedding or Telogen phase.

Normal Hair shedding

In the normal routine, you may shed 50-100 hair a day as some of the hair is in shedding phase. But if you are losing more hair, there might be some other reasons. Some of the major factors that can play a role in causing your hair loss include genetics, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, childbirth, trauma, stress and many more.

Controlling excessive hair loss

There are many ways you can excessive hair loss. Below are the few tips on how to control excessive hair loss.

Maintain a good care routine

We use a lot of products for our daily hair care regimen including shampoos, conditioners, and natural oils. Make sure to use the products that are suitable for your hair type as the mismatch can cause severe hair loss. For example, if you are carrying dry, go for the products that are labeled for dry hair and vice versa.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Make sure to add necessary nutrients to your diet plan in order to get give your hair growth a boost. Nutrients such as protein, iron, and zinc are the basic building blocks for hair growth. Add protein enrich foods in your diet such as chicken, eggs, fish etc.

Go for the treatment

If you are sensing that you have a hair loss issue, go for some hair restoration treatment. In order to select one for you should consult an expert trichologist because you may not select the best one for yourself. Expert trichologists in Dubai recommend to prepare yourself best before going for a treatment.

There exist some surgical and non-surgical treatment for treating hair loss issues. The selection of a treatment depends upon the type of hair loss and its severity.

FREE Consultation

If you are residing in the UAE, book a FREE session with expert trichologist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He or she will examine your scalp for hair loss condition and suggest a treatment that will suit your condition.

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