How Much Do You Know About Effects Of Global Warming On Earth?

by Sanjukta Singh Earth Care Awards
For those who think climate change and global warming are synonymous to each other should know that climate change is just a part of this complete process. Global warming on its own is capable of wiping of life completely from this planet for good as well as destroyed to the level that it will take millions and millions of years to start back again. In simple words, it is this catastrophe that is presently affecting animals, agriculture, plants, microbial world, oceans, wind, soil, and humans alike.  Every single effect of those heating up is quite real, scalable, and global. The Prime cause of it is unlimited human desires, greed, and desperation to control everything that is beyond their control.  If you really wish to estimate the damage being caused by it here are a few pointers that we clear the picture for you:

If you really wish to start calculating the effects from global warming, the first thing that you need to consider is our atmosphere that has taken the worst hit from it. The rising level of carbon dioxide in air Is increasing the Global temperature leading to climate change, melting of glaciers, and unaccounted rising sea levels across the world. People conducting research on climate change have predicted and increment and sea levels across the world because of melting of two huge ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.  The biggest area that lost most of it snow is the east coast of the US.  Nevertheless, there are a number of nations across this planet that will experience ill effects of rise in sea levels, it will also lead to displacement of millions of people, extinction of several plant and animal species, animals level destruction of coastal areas.  In case you find it unbelievable, know that there is a nation name Maldives that is already looking for on you home because the sea levels around it have increased beyond the mark of danger.  It can forever get lost underwater any day in near future just like the Titanic ship. 

Another ever effect of global warming people will start experiencing soon is more and more number of killer storms. As time goes by the severity of storms like cyclones and Hurricanes will keep increasing consistently. It has been noted that the severity of storms and cyclones in tropical regions around the world has increased significantly after 1981. It is an upward trend pound to go up and up unless we find some better ways to save our earth. 

Another unfortunate effect of global warming will be masterstroke failures around the world.  It has been predicted that 3 million people across the globe will have to choose between displacing their families reminder climate are starving to death. And the possibility of this is not far away but just 100 years away from us. Go green is the only motto that human race would want to adopt then but it might be too late. It's high time that we all take a break from what we are doing and look into where we are all headed. 

There are several other points in this respect that you would want to make a note of like the global warming will lead to widespread extinction of several flora and fauna species and all parts of the world, the coral reefs will disappear and both poles would have completely melted by then.

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