How Modular Kitchens Differ From Carpenter-Made Kitchens?

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These days, the kitchen has become more of a sensation. Everyone wants a nice kitchen for reasons other than cooking. There are two distinct possibilities available in our market when it comes to kitchen design. One was built by a traditional carpenter, and the other by Factor Modular Kitchens. If you're deciding between the two, here are five key distinctions to consider. This will assist you in making informed decisions. Kitchen Interior Designer Delhi 

Carpenter  Made Kitchen:

Local carpenters construct a kitchen from the ground up.

They design and execute in a traditional manner. If you are seeking for house renovation in Ahmadabad, for example, you may locate a carpenter who can assist you with your kitchen plans.

Modular Kitchen:

A modular kitchen is composed out of cabinet modules made of various materials. Machines are used to make the majority of them. You can even order a modular kitchen online if you can't find a local modular kitchen design store.

Designing & Planning:

Because they useoutdated techniques, it can be difficult to persuade them to create designs that are now fashionable. The design options are limited and are determined by the carpenter's ability to design.

They are unable to present you with a 3D design of your kitchen, as offered by new-age designers.

This is the most common and well-known method of constructing a kitchen. Carpenters are readily available in the area and are simple to contact.

Modular Kitchen:

There are numerous brands of modular kitchens on the market today. Finding the right person to plan for your needs and provide a high-quality product necessitates some investigation.

There are numerous brands of modular kitchens on the market today.

Finding the right person to plan for your needs and provide a high-quality product necessitates some investigation.

Based on the size of your kitchen, they can create a great design for you. Professional designers plan with careful consideration of the users. Modular Kitchen Designer in Delhi

They may create a 3D model of your ideal kitchen design, which will assist you in making a better decision.

Material & Sturdiness:


Carpenter  Made Kitchen:

We have the option of selecting a high-quality wood of our own choosing. Kitchens made of top quality wood and designed by carpenters are more durable.

Modular Kitchen:

Engineered Wood is used in the majority of modular kitchens. This isn't genuine wood. It's basically a bunch of wood scraps glued together. In a modular kitchen, you can buy high-grade wood, which is uncommon and expensive.


Carpenter  Made Kitchen:

These kitchens aren't flexible . You can't move or change whatever you've fixed in your kitchen after it's been fixed. You can't wipe your kitchen shelf since it's attached. Any component is tough to remove or replace. Furniture Designer in Delhi

Modular Kitchen:

Modular kitchens are adaptable and easy to transport. You may transport the entire kitchen setup to a new home. It's simple to separate and clean here. Any component of the modular kitchen can be simply replaced at any moment.


Carpenter  Made Kitchen:

Kitchens built by carpenters are inexpensive.

It's simpler to tinker with the budget. In the same way that a local carpenter is more flexible with pricing if you are looking for home improvement in Ahmadabad, a local carpenter is more flexible with pricing.

Modular Kitchen:

The cost of a modular kitchen is relatively significant. Depending on your budget, you can select a kitchen. The cost increases as the quality of the kitchen items improves.

Warranties and maintenance:

Carpenter  Made Kitchen:

Typically, there is no warranty provided by the carpenter. These kitchens are simple to keep clean and require little effort.

Modular Kitchen:

The majority of modular kitchen brands offer a 5-year warranty. Cabinets with a glossy finish necessitate extra effort and attention.

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