How Local Business SEO Services Help to Get More Local Customers

by Shubham Yadav Digital Marketing Expert

When it comes to the products or the services, which have the local appeal, such as legal aid, dentists, restaurants, real estate, household items, and more, you must consider the local business SEO services. The local business searches are often based on geographical factors. So, the local SEO increases the visibility of the businesses with the local appeal in the local searches.

Besides, Google’s behavior is also a factor why local business SEO services are recommended.

According to Nick Wilsdon, “Nearly half of total Google search queries have local intent. If you owned Google, wouldn’t you want to capitalize on that?”  Hubspot’s say that 46% of all searches on Google are local.

The reason is very simple. Here we can quote the market expert Mr. Neil Patel, who says,

There’s no point in a New York restaurant ranking high in Houston’s local search results. They want people searching for restaurants in New York to find them.

So, if you have a local business, you are losing a big opportunity by ignoring the local customers or clients. Especially in businesses like restaurants, law firm, dental and local stores, the local SEO is useful as compared to the organic SEO.

On the other hand, if you have more than one address across the nation or the globe then also the local business SEO services prove to be useful for your business. It is quite obvious that you have started your offices in different areas to attract the local audiences of those areas. So, the local SEO processes for all those areas will definitely be in accordance with your goal.

According to local search ranking factors mentioned by Moz, proximity to the searcher is the highest local pack-ranking factor.

It is quite evident with the above-mentioned facts that you must need local business SEO services if you have a local business. But, you need a proper local SEO strategy as you do in case of the organic SEO.

Here are some of the tips for local SEO marketing for small business.

1. Optimize Your Website for the Local Searches

The first thing that is always required for any type of SEO is the website optimization. For the local SEO, you need to do some work that is useful for the local searches. Here are some of the things you need to do on your website.

#Create a Dedicated Contact Page

In the present scenario, a number of visitors check the detailed information about your business. Therefore, you are required to work to mention the name of your company/business, address, and phone number.

It will also help the search engines in knowing your location and will help them to reflect the searches in the results in or nearby your area.

#Add All the Business Addresses

If you have different branches across the nation or globe, or you have more than one business address, then you need to mention all of them in the contact section. It will help the users finding your office or business in their areas and will make it easy for them to find you through their mobile when they are on the way to meet you. Besides, the search engines will also be able to display your office in the search results in the respective areas.

#Make Phone Numbers of Your Business Clickable in the Mobile Devices

According to Hubspot’s statistics, 30% of mobile searches are location-based. Another report of Hubspot says that 76% of local searches result in a phone call.

This is true that a number of users directly like to call when they find your phone number in the mobile searches or on your website. If someone likes to calls you and he/she has to switch between the apps to manually type your number, he/she may be frustrated. In some cases, this small thing can result in the loss of business. Therefore, it is recommended to make your phone number clickable.

For an example, you can see this contact page of real estate website of American Home Agentswhere you find the clickable phone number.

#Add Your Location or a Map

According to Hubspot’s report, 86% of people look for the location on Google Maps. So, adding the location or the map will not be a bad idea.

Apart from adding the location on your website, adding your location to Google My Business or Bing Places profiles can also be an ideal way, which will be mentioned in point ‘2’.

#Add Schema was made to create a common language between different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Schema text helps the search engines what your business is about. By adding the schema markup for local businesses, you will even be able to tell Google and other search engines that your business has a local approach.

#Add Keywords with Location

Adding the keywords in titles, text, Meta description, etc. is necessary to tell the search engines that on which keywords you want your website to be visible. In case of local SEO, you require to add the keywords with city or state name. For example, if you are a dentist based in New York, then your keywords can be “dental services in New York”, “dental services New York”, etc.

2. List Your Business in Online Directories or Profiles

The online directories or profiles provide the best mediums to get listed for the local businesses. Besides, being online just on your website is not sufficient. So, you need to list your business in some relevant online.

#Google My Business and Bing Places

Google My Business and Bing Places are two most used search engines. When you list your business in these directories, it helps the search engines as well as audiences to know about your business. The aforementioned directories add your location in Google Maps and Bing Maps, which helps the audiences in finding your location easily.

Besides, these directories also help your website to crawl on the search engines.

#Social Media Profiles

Social media platforms are not just perfect for the social media marketing, but they also provide you the perfect platforms for local listing for local SEO marketing for small business.

You can set your profile on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. But, you should make sure that your information should be similar on each platform.

When you will set these profiles, you will be more visible to the customers. You will also provide more information to the search engines about your business, and it will definitely help you in boosting your ranking.

#Other Local Listings

There are many other online listings where you can add your business. TripAdvisor and Yelp are two big names without any second thought. On the other hand, you can get some directories that are relevant to your business by searching for your product/service related keywords.

3. Create Local Content

Blogging is unquestionably an essential aspect of the SEO process. Blog posts are the way to give useful information to the audience.

The first thing you need is to maintain a website blog. Add updates about your business and inform them about the industry information or the relevant information they seek.

In addition to this, maintain a blog space on some external website like Blogger or WordPress, and add the significant information. Also, work on guest blogs and articles sites.

Use the name of cities, neighborhood locations, local terms etc., wherever you find relevant. Also, occasionally talk about the local events.

Besides all this, don’t forget to use the keywords with your city name time to time, which will help the search engines to know about your local appeal.

To Sum Up

These are three significant tips, which help your business to get the ranking in the local searches. You can get some more in our blog space and some other resources on the internet. But, this is also true that you may find it difficult to accomplish the SEO process by yourself. You can hire a SEO services company for the local business SEO services. We also have a team of experts who have the vast knowledge about local SEO as well as organic SEO. You can contact us with your SEO requirements. Our team works in coordination with your team, and work according to your business needs.

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