How Java Development Will Be Beneficial For Your Business In 2020?

by Angela Flores Senior Business Consultant

For more than two decades, Java is one of the finest programming languages. Since it was released in 1996, it has seen several changes from Generics, Enums, Lambda Expression to the Modular System, which at this instant, a game-changing feature in Java 9 version. With additional features in every single release, Java has an outstanding document and community support; it rules our digital world and changing our existence for good reasons.


Currently, Java is a global standard for developing desktop applications, mobile applications, embedded applications, network applications, web applications along with enterprise software for business.


Why Is Java So Popular Everywhere?


One of the major reasons why Java is so common is platform independence. Programs can work on numerous different types of systems; as long as the computer has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) mounted, a Java program can work on it.


Maximum types of computers will be well-suited with a JRE, including PCs working on Macintosh computers, UNIX or Linux computers, Windows, and big mainframe computers, as well as mobile phone devices.


As it has been here for so long, some of the leading organizations in the world are built using the Java language. Numerous banks, retailers, insurance businesses, utilities, and makers all use Java language


Benefits of Using Java for Application Development in 2020


1. UI and UX designs

According to the Oracle report, 3 billion mobile phones are working on Java. The technologies based on Java are pretty robust and convenient. These qualities of Java results in interactive UX.


2. Simple, Convenient and Platform-Independent

Java is an open-source programming language and well-suited with almost all the OS. Java applications can be simply moved from one device to another and can be used with ease.

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3. Systematic app development

Java offers a systematic procedure for the application development process. Java development services can trail these processes and ensures a reliable and effective code.


4. Multilingual support

Ever since the release of Java SE 8, you can design apps to adapt to numerous languages and regions with a reduced amount of coding interference.


5. Security Technology

Java applications are very much secured with Java APIs, algorithms, protocols, and tools. Java security APIs are securing business applications in an extensive range, together with secure communication, access control, cryptography, authentication, and public key infrastructure. 


6. Dynamic

Java allows us to write dynamic applications as it would load the classes on request and support dynamic compilation along with instinctive memory management.


7. Robust

Java practices automatic garbage collection, robust memory management, which works on JVM. Type checking and exception handling in Java make a Java application robust enough to manage errors effectively.


8. Distributed

Java applications are subsidizing to distributed applications. They can be used to use files and essential systems of diverse devices on the internet.


9. High Performance

Java is an interpreted language and is quicker than other outdated interpreted programming languages.



These applications can perform tasks simultaneously. This increases competence along with the performance.


11. Architecture Neutrality

Java applications are built to work anywhere on the network. The compiler produces a compiled code that is implemented on many procedures using Java run time.


In today’s technology world and commercial environment, Java applications provide ROI and measurable revenues. Companies can leverage the advantages to position them in the world of the IoT.


Java web development companies are functioning on a steady and cutting edge technology. Working on Java, applications empower them to offer end-to-end security, integrate with additional IT technologies making these apps faster and more effective. Applications based on Java have well proven themselves in numerous industries, be it banking, finance, health, etc. and outfitting to the client’s needs.


To conclude, Java is a fantastic tool for building non-enterprise business software, and a Java development company in Canada can help you make use of the maximum benefits to attain success for your commercial foray. Making Java-based solutions ensures that they are portable, innovative, secure, high performing, and flexible. If you want to leverage the qualities of Java to grow your company, then consider contacting experts.

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