How Is Vaping Different from Smoking?

by Kevin Smith Author

For those unfamiliar with the vaping world, it can be a little unclear how it's any different from smoking. With names like "electronic cigarette" floating around, it might just sound like a fancier way to smoke--but that's not the case. Vaping is very different from traditional cigarettes. Here's how.

Fewer Chemicals and Toxins

Cigarettes have a lot of added chemicals, and many of them are extremely hazardous to your health. With tar and other poisonous substances in cigarettes, it's little wonder that smoking can quickly lead to serious health problems. Vaping is a much healthier option, because it has a fraction of the chemical that cigarettes contain--and some varieties of vape juice have none at all. This allows people to get the nicotine they're craving without any of the added toxins.

Many Different Flavors

When you're looking at buying vape juices at a vape shop in Boston, MA, you'll quickly notice the sheer number of flavors available. From the sweet to the savory, you can find a vape juice flavor to suit practically any taste. This is a huge advantage that vaping has over traditional smoking, because it makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

More Nicotine per Puff

Vape juice contains more nicotine than a traditional cigarette, allowing vapers to get more with every puff than your average smoker. This means that you can curb those nicotine cravings much more quickly, without the need for smoking one cigarette after another. It allows you to get the nicotine you need in a much more efficient and cost-effective way.

No Secondhand Smoke

Vaping doesn't actually use smoke or flames at all. The coil inside of the vaping device converts the juice into vapor. That means there is no smoke to bother anyone around you, and no lingering smell on your clothes, in your home, or in your vehicle. All of this means a healthier environment for the people around you. Plus, it makes it less likely that you'll lose friends from always having the smell of cigarettes clinging to your clothes.

Vaping is quickly becoming the preferred option for smokers all over the world because of all the benefits listed above. It's a very different experience from traditional smoking, and as any vaper will tell you, it's a better experience as well. So if you're thinking about switching to vaping instead of smoking, stop by a vape shop in Boston, MA, to pick up the things you need.

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