How IoT is Transforming the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

by Nitin B. Assistant Manager- SEO

Technology has revolutionized the way we live, study, entertain, and work. Why wouldn't the same thing happen in business? For example, in logistics, the introduction of IoT in tasks and processes has brought great value to the supply chain. Not only are problems detected and solutions are sought to the processes of transportation, storage, and distribution.

It is also anticipated by the constant collection of information that allows predicting trends, patterns, or inconsistencies in its planning. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the logistic services by improving supply chain mechanisms. Therefore, the competitiveness of the company is enhanced with the help of IoT business development.

What is IoT?

IOT Application Development

The term IoT refers to physical device systems that receive and transfer data over wireless networks without human intervention. What makes it possible is the integration of simple computing devices with sensors on all kinds of objects. IoT connects all kinds of physical objects to the Internet, especially those that you may not even imagine.

Connected Devices Improve warehouse Management

Warehouses are the cornerstone of any logistics industry. It is the place where the products that customers will receive are kept. Their large size and the high number of elements they contain make a management system necessary. IoT technology offers efficiency and productivity in management with an integrated IoT application development process.

Product information:

The application of hyper-connected devices in the industrial stock makes it possible to obtain certain data in real-time. The weight, dimensions, and units of the product are just some of the factors that can be controlled at all times thanks to the IoT.

Energy control:

Meters can be integrated to monitor and analyze the remaining energy of the organization's vehicle fleet and facilities. This ends up generating considerable savings in energy and fuel consumption.

Error Detection:

The IoT applied to logistics also allows detecting failures or even accidents regarding the maintenance of goods. This improves the prevention of occupational risks and the loss of stock. 

Time Management:

Another possibility of this technology is to control the time that is allocated to each task and the space that is available in the warehouse itself. Thus, it improves productivity and balances the distribution of tasks.  

IoT Applied to Logistics Tracks and Protects items

Hyper-connected devices also help prevent product damage. In addition, they facilitate an exhaustive control of the stored articles.

Temperature control:

There are systems capable of monitoring the humidity and temperature conditions of the packages being transported. As a mobile app development company, we create solutions that give you access to core data in your palm.


The IoT also has applications to improve theft prevention or to prevent the destruction of goods by third parties. Some devices detect when and in what way the containers in which the articles are kept are being manipulated. 

Shipping Evolution:

It is possible to determine where each of the items that the vehicle fleet is located thanks to the use of this technology. Both the industry itself and the customer can check in real-time where their items are located.

IoT Optimizes Transport

One of the biggest challenges that carriers are forced to overcome is the “last mile”. It is the last section that drivers travel and it is usually positioned on urban land. Therefore, transportation slows down greatly at the last minute. However, the IoT applied to logistics helps determine which is the fastest and least traveled way to reach the destination and be able to deliver the order.


Some IoT tools allow you to obtain information to shorten routes and thus save time and fuel. There are sensors capable of detecting traffic accidents in the distance or even traffic jams. It not only applies to ground transportation but can be integrated into ships or planes.


IoT technology reveals the exact number of vehicles available to run the transport. In addition, it shows what state they are in: running, stopped, parked ... There are also sensors that monitor CO2 emissions to ensure sustainability. IoT helps you make a successful product strategy in international marketing to compete well.

How AppStudio is helping logistic companies?

AppStudio is the leading IoT development company that is providing logistics and supply chain companies with amazing tools. We are experts in IoT development and have been awarded multiple times in Canada. We guarantee that with our unique mobile and digital solutions you can compete well in the market. We offer complete tailor-made solutions according to your needs and market scenario. We also help companies make multiple channels like software and mobile apps to control IoT devices to get supreme efficiency. Don’t hesitate, contact us now for further information without any obligation.

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