How IoT Development can Facilitate Mobile Game Development?

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Given the rate at which revenue for mobile gaming is multiplying, its future looks quite bright. In parallel, we are also seeing a rise in IoT development, which is taking the tech world by storm. The vast proliferation of IoT sensors and devices across industries is shaping the way operations are carried out. The same is true for the gaming industry; especially casino-based mobile games that are expected to benefit the most from  IoT platform.

 What Drives Mobile Gamers?

Before talking about the use of IoT (Internet of Things) in mobile gaming, we need to understand what drives mobile gamers towards gaming. Is it just for passing time? Or, making friends online? Or, it has to do something with making money by playing virtual casino games? It is very much likely that answer to all the 3 aforementioned questions is yes. But in spite of knowing the possible reasons why gamers are drawn towards mobile games, gaming companies want even better indicators, something that is a lot more concrete and user-specific.

The primary reason why companies desire user-specific information is because they want to know how to target a particular gamer and inspire him to play their games. This is where  IoT platform comes in.

How IoT Platform Lets Gaming Company Gain Better Insights about Gamers?

IoT is not a new tech; however, with better internet and development of advanced IoT sensors, it has grown into a major phenomenon. A modern mobile phone has many sensors like heart rate monitors, accelerometers, cameras, touch and pressure sensors that can be used to gain insights about customers’ experience while playing a game. Nowadays, customers even have access to much more complex and advanced fitness watches that track every bodily movement. When combined together through an IoT platform, the information gathered can be used for altering the game design to meet customers’ desires. This information can also be used for creating a marketing strategy to attract new mobile gamers.

Partner with the Best IoT Platform Provider for Making the Most of This Opportunity

The task of gaining insights about mobile gamers is not as simple as it seems. The fact that all the data will be traveling through an online interface makes the task of managing IoT connections a great responsibility. The threat of hackers always looms large; hence, it is essential that you take the help of an accomplished IoT service provider. A good service provider will have:

1.      Access to better encryption software – Encryption is essential for securing wireless connection and the IoT platform. Solid encryption will keep away hackers and ensure that the data traveling between IoT sensors remain safe.

2.      Consistency of connection – An IoT platform only serves its purpose if it is backed by a consistent internet connection. You should always employ an IoT services vendor that has a track record of providing reliable connectivity.


Mobile gaming industry is expanding at a rapid rate and so is IoT platform. To make the most of the opportunity provided by the advancing technology, it won’t be a bad idea for businesses to capture user insights from IoT sensors and build new strategies to attract gamers.

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