How Facelift Surgery/Rhytidectomy Can Help You Enhance & Rejuvenate The Facial Features

by Sheetal Goswami Blogger for Tricity Institute Of Plastic Surgery

Every woman wants to look herself young and beautiful as long as possible, but, when they reach 40, the age-related transformation of the face shape becomes clearly noticeable. Small wrinkles, ptosis, flabbiness, sagging, pigment spots are some of the symptoms that get worse with each passing day. Despite the availability of different options, Rhytidectomy is the best way to tighten the face oval, get rid of all these problems and prolong youth and beauty in an easy way.

The rhytidectomy is a plastic surgery that helps individuals to eliminate age-related signs of aging. The patients aged between 45 to 60 years are ideal candidates for this operation if they have-

  • Deformation of the contour of the face,

  • Flabby, inelastic and dry skin,

  • An abundance of wrinkles,

  • Decreased elasticity of soft tissues,

  • Swelling around the eyes,

  • Marked asymmetry of the face,

  • Gravitational ptosis of soft tissues,

  • Ptosis of lower eyelids,

  • Sagging of the skin on the cheeks (rattles),

  • Birth defects

  • Acquired trauma to the face,

  • Double chin and

  • Scars, stretch marks and scars.

Before the facelift surgery, the patient undergoes different medical tests, such as general blood analysis, urine test, a blood test for clotting, tracing allergies and individual intolerance of medications. Individuals with acute and chronic diseases in the phase of exacerbation, dermatological diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, autoimmune and oncological diseases, renal and hepatic impairment, impaired blood clotting, and diabetes are unfit for this operation.

Different Types of Facelift Surgery

Types of Facelift Surgery

Brief Explanation

Simple cervicofacial

It is suitable for females with dry skin with a fine structure and wrinkle. The surgeon doesn't touch the deep muscles, just pull out the sagging skin.


(superficial muscular aponeurotic system)

It helps you to get rid of defects in skin and muscle, connective and adipose tissue. It is a complex surgical intervention, in which an incision is made on the temple site above the hair growth line and in front of the auricle. The surgeon separates the skin and muscle from the underlying fascia. In case of excess fat, liposuction surgery is performed by surgeons. The operation may take .5 - 2 hours and should be performed only by experienced surgeons. At the end of the operation, sutures and a sterile bandage are applied to the wounds.


It is performed to the forehead, eyebrows, and the temporal region with the help of a special device in which camera is installed. The operation is monitored on the computer screen. This surgical method is less traumatic, which cuts the rehabilitation period by half.

Deep Facial Lifting

This operation is performed at a deeper level compared to all other facelift methods. It helps you to fetch good results age defects in the area of the cheekbones and the middle part of the face. The microcirculation of the tissue is preserved during the operation and surgeon pulls up the hanging skin while capturing deeper structures of your face.

Face-to-face face lifting surgery

In this surgical method, doctors make an S-shaped incision in the temporal region and behind the auricle. Females at the age of 30-40 years can go for this operation and the best thing is that no scars are left after the operation.

Subcutaneous facelift

During this operation, age-related skin defects are effectively eliminated. It doesn't touch deep tissues. Fat women with a little dangling skin can go for this operation. This is a low traumatic operation and carries a low risk of complications. But, its effectiveness lasts only for a short duration of time because the deep structures of the skin are not modified. They stay at the same place and will be slowly visible on the tightened skin.

Weekend lift

It is suitable for a quick skin tightening with minimal trauma. The operation is performed by expert surgeons with the help of local anesthesia. The incision is made on the chin. After that, liposuction and lifting the muscles of the neck is done. If there is a need, the same incision inserts an implant to correct the shape of the chin. Doctors treat the skin with a laser so that it can pull-up and recover speedily.

Circular facelift

It is performed to eliminate all the skin defects related to the growing age. The incision is made in the scalp downward along the auricles and excess fat is removed from the adipose tissue. The operation may last for 3 hours or more.


After the operation, avoid active facial expressions and emotional activities, such as crying, laughing, etc. Take the medicine prescribed by the doctor to relieve pain. Stitches can be removed in 1-2 weeks. Scars remain on your face that will fade with time and become less noticeable with each passing day. The facial skin can remain dry and rough for some days. But, this defect goes away little by little.

Strictly follow the below-mentioned recommendations for the speedy recovery:

  • Avoid direct sunlight,

  • Avoid hot tubs and long-term water procedures,

  • Do not visit saunas, baths and solariums and

  • Avoid intense physical activities that cause intense sweating.

Possible Complications

After Facelift Surgery, you can be challenged with the following complications:

  • The formation of keloid scars,

  • Seromas and hematomas,

  • Suppuration and infection of wounds,

  • Tissue necrosis,

  • Damage to the vessels,

  • Numbness of some parts of the face,

  • Uneven contour of the face and

  • The appearance of pigment spots and depigmented areas on the face.

All these problems can easily be eliminated with the help of expert doctors, extensive medication and strict implantation of the doctor's active. 

Final Words

A good looking and charming face is desired by all females. With the Benefits Of Facelift Surgery, it is possible to eliminate the facial problems related to the growing age and rejuvenate the face completely. 

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