How Dogs Make Your Life Much Better?

by Nehal Khan Blogger

A dog is not just the best companion of humans for a long time but keeping it as a pet has many benefits. Since centuries dog is regarded as the best friend of humans. It not only guards the owner against potential danger but its presence brings in a lot of positives into the life of the caretaker. A dog is so loyal that till the time it is alive it establishes a very strong emotional bond with its owner. This is one of the reasons even psychologists around the world consider keeping a dog as a pet for people undergoing various mental and emotional setbacks.

Today we will be discussing how the presence of a dog makes the life of the caretaker much better.

Dogs keep you fit: It is no surprise that dog loves going outdoors and thus develops good walking habit in their owner. Dogs require getting out of the house twice a day and thus forces the owner to make it a habit. Dog owners who often take their furry friend out on a walk stay fit and more active. Moderate physical activity helps people walk an average 300 minutes per week. It is twice the number if compared with non-dog owners.   

Lower down stress: As per DogStruggles dogs are man's best friend for a reason. It has been scientifically proven that even just by petting your furry friend people have noticed lower blood pressure and heart rate, muscle relaxation, moderate breathing. It has been found that being with a dog reduces the stress hormone level. 

Good for heart: Yes, you read that right. Keeping a dog is actually good for your heart. As per a study conducted on a cluster of heart attack patients who were released after the treatment from the hospital. It was found that that patient who has a pet dog has a much higher rate of survival than the non-pet owners. Dogs tend to lower down stress and stress is the root cause of various cardiovascular problems. 

Inculcate caretaking skills: It is often seen that people who own a dog are better caretakers. This is because dogs make people happy and people connect with a dog more than any other pet animal. Because of the infant schema of the dog, people feel a connection with them. Dogs make people happy and alleviate depression. People feel more connected and develop a sense of belonging and thus start to take care of everything around them.

Make people more social:  When people take their furry friend out on a walk, it increases the social interaction of the pet owner. You can very easily notice how people stop and talk with each other and become more social. It has been concluded that people who take their dogs on a walk are more connected with communities and people of different personality traits. This is one of the reasons these are the people who don't feel alone or disconnected from the world.  

Help people to recover early: It has been seen that dogs help people to recover faster. A study conducted on soldiers who were injured has been found to recover much quicker when they were engaged with dogs in certain programs.

Dogs are human's best friend and there are various reasons to support it. If you own a dog you can easily relate with all the above-mentioned points.

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