How Does MyBrowserCash Work?

by Viktor(Buratino) Z. School of eBusiness

It's Simple.

My BrowserCash is a software application that allows you to earn money doing what you already do, browsing the internet! 

Unlike most "Paid To Click" & "Paid To Read" sites, you do not have to be logged into the members area to earn cash Browsing the web.

Our software lets you browse just like you normally would but earn cash for viewing, clicking or taking action on advertisements. (note: We do NOT disclose which websites pay for viewing, clicking or taking action to protect the system and advertisers, though we can tell you browsing popular ecommerce sites like ebay, amazon etc is a great way to maintain a steady daily income).

While you go about searching and browsing as you normally would, every so often our system will display advertisements (or by embedding them seemlessly into sites you visit so you will be making money and not even know it!).

We have multiple ways of showing advertisements and we keep them as non-intrusive as possible. You will see popups once and a while, and sometimes words on pages will be linked to advertisers, and when searching or browsing a site you may see a little text ad on the site. Popups and text boxes are branded with the MyBrowserCash name.

For the most part you won't see much difference from your normal browsing experience. We then take the money generated from these ads and share it with you!

Note: To protect our Advertisers and System from abuse we do not disclose exactly how earnings are calculated from ad views, clicks or actions.

While this may seem odd to some as they are used to sitting on a site clicking ads for pennies, we want you to earn money browsing the web doing, what you already do!

Well .. I can see that you successfully registered for MyBrowserCash (MBC)
Now you can go to your new office => login and look around

Next step is installing the software aplication on your computer

1.go to in the tab "Earn Money" =>  Install The MyBrowserCash™ Software

There is a simple instruction (just press a few times on the mouse)
Only there is one important point. When you will click on the last button to install, you should close all internet windows, including the site

As a result of the installation you will have a pop-up window in the clock on your computer with the proposals to see the site when you are on the Internet

Within a few minutes you should start to see ads slide up from this icon. which looks like this:

you simply press on links, see the website (preferably within the site, which advertise, click on the tab) and get paid for it.


How Do I Know I'll Get Paid? is owned by Digital Paper Products, Inc.

A company that has been doing business online in the Business Opportunity Category for over 10 years.

You can check our domain with any Whois service for verification of this.

Over these years we have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to affiliates, partners and others. We have had no complaints of non payment to any affiliate EVER!

To qualify for payment your account needs a balance of at least $20USD. Once you reach this amount simply click "Withdraw Funds" at the top of any members page and complete the form.

Commissions are paid to the Paypal or AlertPay account you specify when you make a withdraw.

Join  and installing the software  It’s 100% FREE



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Manali Patel Senior  SEO firm
Hi Buratino, Nice article. It is good that we do not have to be logged into the members area to earn cash Browsing the web.
Aug 26th 2011 07:22   
Rahul Das Advanced   Kolkata Municipal Corporation
HI Buratino this is nice article good keep it up .
Aug 26th 2011 10:09   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
@Manali If, however, to be truthful, then to capitalize on this offer should visit to view the page and if you're a free party, then visit this site at least once every two weeks
Aug 29th 2011 04:31   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
If you really want to delete your MyBrowserCash account, simply change your password to
Setting your password to this will automatically remove your account within 10 minutes.
Please remember. This is NOT REVERSABLE. When you change your passwotd to deletedaccount your account will be automatically deleted by the system.
You will lose all of your referrals and earnings. We are not responsible for accidental account deletion and can not recover any funds due to this.
Aug 30th 2011 08:41   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
Today I went into my account and read the message - We are experiencing some server issues which may cause slow access to the members area and ads not being displayed properly. We are working to fix this ASAP. Also, we are making some database modifications. This will affect your direct and referral earnings reports. Please note all direct and referral earnings are being tracked but some data may not show up until we are done with the modifications. Please do not submit support tickets about referral earnings until these modifications are complete later today.
So, who can not visit the site, then do not worry-it is a temporary problem
Sep 7th 2011 10:46   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness

Advertise just about any site (no adult, racist, warez etc, see the advertisers terms and conditions) for as little as .005/click or adview!

Unlike most "Get Paid" sites where random people see your ad just to click, on our network you can laser target your ad to specific URL's the user is visting or search keywords!
Oct 4th 2011 04:48   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
Your Software Status must be "Tracking Earnings " after successful installing the software on your computer
Oct 27th 2011 04:14   
Iqbal Ahmed ali nakhwa Advanced  Online Earner
Thanks for information on Mybrowser cash. It is of great help.
Oct 8th 2012 06:49   
Ivan R. Professional   Team Leader
Man Mybrowser cash become scam ,everybody knows that you wasting your time with this site.
Mar 25th 2013 09:03   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
No Mybrowsercash still remains the most reliable and effective site
Mar 26th 2013 07:54   
Ivan R. Professional   Team Leader
Man you are wrong they stop paying.
Do not lie to the people, the site is a scam
From scamadviser
Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use.
Site is United States based , But The Real Location is Being Hidden
Mar 26th 2013 09:03   
Viktor(Buratino) Z. Magnate I   School of eBusiness
With this site we have to work, not to read the corners ratings for him and then everything will be fine. I do not understand envious theorists
Mar 26th 2013 09:16   
Ivan R. Professional   Team Leader
You try cash Out and put proof here and I will apologize to you.
But I tell you this because I use this site and my friends to and you can't cash out money any more, they become scam.
Mar 26th 2013 09:33   
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