How Does a Mouth Guard Protect your Teeth?

by Saby Dental Dentist

Did you know that an athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer from a tooth related injury when they are not wearing a mouth guard? Your top front teeth protrude and as a result of this, they are more impacted by trauma than any other tooth. In fact, according to studies, 80 percent of dental injuries involve the two front teeth.

Your teeth allow you to speak, smile and function normally. Now imagine how losing them, in specific your front teeth would affect your day to day life. A traumatic injury to the tooth may never fully heal properly, which can cause long-term issues that are expensive to correct.

Understanding how you can prevent face and mouth injuries, in particular, those that are related to organized sports and recreational activities, is important.

The good news is mouth guards can protect your teeth as they cushion the impact to your face, thus reducing the likelihood of injuries such as broken or knocked out teeth. The majority of mouth guards cover your upper teeth and some may also provide protection to your lower jaw. Not only does wearing a mouth guard protect your upper teeth, but it also protects your lips, jaw, tongue, face and inner cheeks.

What are the Different Types of Mouth Guards?

The three different types of mouth guards are:

• Stock Mouth Guards: these are pre-made mouth guards that are available over-the-counter. They do not provide much protection and you cannot adjust the fit.

• Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: these mouth guards are also available over-the-counter and shape to your mouth for a better fit.

• Custom-fitted Mouth Guards: these are available at your Red Deer dental clinic and are specially designed for your mouth using impressions of your teeth. They offer the best fit and the most comfort and protection.

When Should I Wear A Mouth Guard?

Your Dentist in Red Deer can provide you or your child with a mouth guard. Mouth guards are a vital part of athletic gear and should always be worn during contact and collision sports. Injuries can also occur when you participate in non-contact sports, hence why mouth guards are so essential.

Adults and children should wear mouth guards when engaging in the following sports:

• Basketball


• Boxing

• Football

• Field hockey

• Ice hockey

• Lacrosse

• Racquetball

In addition, adults and children should wear mouth guards when engaging in non-contact sports or recreation activities as previously mentioned above. Examples of this include:

• Skating

• Martial arts

• Gymnastics

• Mountain biking

• Skateboarding

• Surfing

• Skiing

• Weight lifting

• Water polo

How Can Wearing a Mouth Guard Help Your Teeth?

Learn how wearing a mouth guard can protect your precious teeth below.

1. Mouth Guards Protect You From Injuries and Damage

As you may know, an accident or injury can occur when you are engaged in any form of physical activity. When you wear mouth guards however, it can prevent your teeth from breaking, chipping and can reduce your risk of tooth loss or nerve damage to your teeth.

2. Mouth Guards Can Protect Your Braces or Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

If you or your child wears braces, a mouth guard can protect your device. How? If you were to receive a blow to your face, the mouth guard would protect your brackets and the entire appliance. In addition, mouth guards can provide you with protection if you wear other orthodontic appliances, such as fixed bridges. Mouth guards also offer a barrier between your teeth, lips, and cheeks which reduces gum or cheek injuries.

3. Night Guards in Red Deer Can Protect Against Teeth Grinding

If you suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding, your dentist in Red Deer can provide you with a night guard. Night guards can prevent damage to your teeth, as they are customized to match your bite. When you wear a night guard, it reduces jaw activity and slows down wearing of your teeth.

How to Get a Mouth Guard

“Should I visit a dental clinic near me for a mouth guard?” the answer is yes. Your dentist can provide you with a custom-fitted mouth guard, which is the most effective type of mouth guard you can wear. No matter what your purpose for wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard is, it is guaranteed to remain securely in place.

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