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Reverse osmosis: the best technology for your water.

More and more people over the past few years seem to have understood the importance of nutrition for their health. On the one hand the attention to food labels has increased, especially those of industrial origin, on the other hand the number of families who have chosen to include a water purifier to improve their quality has increased and the taste of tap water.

In particular, water treatment systems based on reverse osmosis are required. Filter for Fridge specializes in the design, production and technical assistance of multiple systems dedicated to water purification through the use of reverse osmosis technology, intended for both the industrial and to the domestic and professional sphere.

To have contributed to the diffusion of water treatments by reverse osmosis is the fact that this technique allows to retain a percentage of pollutants equal to about 97%, unthinkable for other existing types. Moreover, the system proves to be effective also against nitrates, heavy metals, viruses and particles that are difficult to eliminate in any other way. A further advantage is the possibility, left to those who use a reverse osmosis purifier , to calibrate the residual salinity level of the water supplied to adapt it to their particular tastes and needs.

Effective operation without using chemicals.

The operation of a reverse osmosis purifier is linked to the presence of a pump. The pressure generated by the latter allows the water coming from the tap to be pushed through the osmotic membrane . This membrane has the ability to retain minerals, viruses, bacteria and all other harmful substances, even those of infinitesimal dimensions. In practice, it is only water that passes almost completely free of dissolved substances. Through the regulation adopted, the user will choose the concentration of mineral salts desired. Being a completely natural process, reverse osmosis does not alter the structure of water and, at the same time, does not use any chemical substance. The result will be a 'coming from the practical tap installed above the kitchen sink.

Precisely for this reason, the osmotic water is ideal for human consumption. Of course it can also be used in the kitchen as free, among others, from Chlorine, Asbestos, Pesticides, Lead, Arsenic and Barium. A purification system based on reverse osmosis allows you to have a very high quality water available regardless of the starting conditions of the latter (both organoleptic and chemical). The same thing is not possible, however, for systems such as water softeners , which do not have the ability to make water drinkable, but only fulfill the ability to remove calcium and magnesium encrusting salts. (total hardness), maintaining the chemical concentration of the other substances contained in the water unaltered.

Quality, savings and respect for the environment.

The advantages of installing a reverse osmosis water purifier in  your home are also economical. It is sufficient to consider the cost of bottled water, especially when the latter is also used for cooking. A smaller number of bottles means respect for the environment , with considerably reduced quantities of plastic (or glass). To ensure the perfect functioning of a reverse osmosis purifier it is sufficient to proceed with the periodic replacement of the filters. It is necessary to consider that the water, before reaching the main module containing the reverse osmosis membrane, goes through various stages of pre-filtration, structured to retain the sedimental substances in suspension such as sand, iron oxide, clay, chemicals like chlorine and many other polluting particles that could preclude the correct functioning of the system.

 Buy a reverse osmosis purifier and you'll have pure water of quality always ready to drink

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