How do you dye a human hair lace wig?

by love nova lovenova
We all want to try different colored wig which can perfectly fit for you. The best way to dye a wig without damaging it is to take it to a professional wig stylist, however, it’s possible to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) at home by yourself, which can save a lot of money.

If you want to dye a wig, dyeing the human hair 613 lace front wig at home may be the best choice for you.
When it comes to coloring your 40 inch human hair wig at home, having the right tools and techniques is essential.
1. Wash and dry your wig to remove any styling products.
2. Secure the wig on a mannequin head or something similar.
3. Don your gloves and prepare your water wave bundles with closure bleach product.  
4. Dab the bleach product gently onto the lace.
5. Cover all the knots with the bleach product, then cover lace in foil.
6. When the knots turn blonde, it’s time to rinse! Rinse the lace upside down.
7. Wash the lace with neutralizing shampoo, then condition.  
8. Allow lace to dry naturally. Do not use heat!
9. Now that the lace is taken care of apply your bleach product to the hair of the wig.
10. You may need to use several passes with the bleach to achieve the color you want. This will take patience, but it’s worth it! The darker the hair, the more passes you’ll need to bring that color out.
11. Follow product directions carefully, and treat the wig hair as you would your own. Pay attention to the time limits!
12. After washing the bleach product out, use a towel to gently pat excess water out of the wig, then allow it to dry naturally, or use very low heat to style.  
Remember, if you haven’t done this before, you may wish to practice on an old wig.
Why should you choose a human hair wig over cheaper, synthetic wigs? The answer is easy. Human hair wigs offer the most natural feel and a far more realistic look compared to synthetic materials. With proper care, they will last up to 3 years or more.
But if by "lighter" you mean bleaching the hair, this is where I urge you to reconsider. Unless you're a pro or pretty experienced with coloring hair, you don't want to try bleaching your wig and risk ruining it.
If you've already got a synthetic wig and you want to change the color, here's the thing: Most experts don't recommend dyeing synthetic hair at all. Why? Because it's essentially plastic, and weird stuff can happen when you try to alter the color of plastic.
When detangling and brushing your wig, use high-quality brushes and be patient and gentle while brushing. The harder you are on the roots, the more hair you will lose. Buy more than one and rotate wigs to make them longer lasting. You'll also have more flexibility to change up your look this way. Life is short, so enjoy your style!
Use a deep conditioning treatment on the wig at least a week before you dye it, so it is moisturized and ready to hold color! Always do a small “test” patch on your human hair wig first to make sure that it is the color you want! Remember, if the wig goes below your shoulders, be sure to purchase two boxes of dye, just in case!
Most experts don't recommend dyeing synthetic hair at all. Why? Because it's essentially plastic, and weird stuff can happen when you try to alter the color of plastic. You can only deposit color onto synthetic strands, but the results will be iffy at best.
Now head on over to our store to pick out your next favorite wig to test out this method. Or you can directly buy a colored wig you want. There are 99j, burgundy color, FB30, TL412, honey blonde, and other highlight wigs to choose from.

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