How Do Internet Service Providers Deliver Internet for Your Home

by Rizwan Khan Professional Interior Designer

We are living in the period where people do everything online. From making friends to bill payments, we do almost everything. But without an internet connection, we cannot do it. We need a proper internet connection. Now the question is who provide us this connection? They are Internet Service Provider Mumbai or it can be any other city in India. We get some unlimited internet plans from them and we are happily using it.  There are different internet access program that an ISP provides.

Here are those:

1.DSL: To connect and work at the same time as all your devices, the ability to send data frequently has to be high. To perform this ability, internet service provider provides DSL.  It works fast to deliver information to your devices and it is easy to upgrade.

2.Cable: This is just a connection that is installed on your device or TV to access the internet. The frequency of sending data is also high in this case as well.  It follows a particular format that suits for both internet and TV to work parallel. The modems use for it to sort out the data frequencies.

3.Fiber Optic: If you want the speed of your internet access has to like the speed of light, then this is the best option for you. It is mainly used for the speed. The interesting part about Fiber Optic is it doesn’t use electricity to work. To transmit data it feels the pulse of the light through plastic tube or glass. But Fiber Optic has one disadvantage. The installation cost of this process is very high.

4.Wireless: Wireless connection or commonly known as the broadband connection.  The broadband connection in Bangalore or any other place in India is good. The connection is established when your ISP send the signal to your modem.

We enjoy this high-speed internet every day. But do you know your internet is being throttled or not?  There are the different sign to identify it. You can see your internet speed is high but having trouble to load a page. There can be two things behind this.  The traffic is very high of the page you are on or your ISP throttling your data.

To protect yourself from this you can simply take a test. First, take a speed test that is running. Then install VPN or virtual privet network then again take the test again. If it shows faster speed then it’s high time to change your ISP.

We also do not like slow internet connection. The reasons behind it are:

●When your ISP is having higher traffic: It will take more time to browse when your internet is slow. It can happen when your ISP is facing more traffic than usual.

●When your modem is getting more data than it can hold it: Too much information can be harmful to your modem. After a while keep clearing it.

●When other several users are using your connection.


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