How Do I Sleep with a Sore Throat?


Sore throat is a common ailment amongst people occurring due to several reasons like bacterial/viral infections, allergies, or simply dry air. A scratchy and painful ailment, taking a restful nap can be bothersome due to the constant feeling of soreness in one’s throat. It is common for adults to experience a sore throat at least once a year. A lot of us turn to allopathic and homeopathic medicine. However, you can find some of the best solutions for getting sleep with a sore throat at home.

Sleeping with Sore Throat – Natural Remedies

You might have caught this throat infection because of a change in weather or a viral bug doing the rounds in your office. Whatever the cause, the only thing that you will want is a good night’s sleep. We have carefully curated a list of non-invasive, healthy remedies for your much-needed rest, and recuperation.

  • Steam Inhalation
  • Drinking a hot soup or beverage
  • Gargling with warm saltwater
  • Taking a hot shower
  • Maintaining a comfortable room temperature
  • Over the Counter Lozenges

Steam Inhalation

Also known as steam therapy, inhalation involves breathing in water vapor to give you relief. This method is a tried and tested one that has been used for centuries. The warm steam is proven to loosen the mucus at the back of your throat and offer relief to your blood vessels. This marks the beginning of the healing process and will help you get better in no time.

Drinking a Hot Soup or Beverage

Drinking hot soup or tea is excellent for a sore throat. Just like in the steam inhalation, a bowl of hot soup can help thin the mucus layer formed in your throat. Certain ingredients in soups such as pepper and chicken broth also have healing properties that prevent infectious bacteria from growing.

Additionally, warm beverages are a great way of staying hydrated. Drinking chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey can provide you with much-needed relaxation and could be your answer to a good night’s sleep.

Gargling with Hot Salt Water

Salt Water gargling is one of the most effective ways to treat a sore throat. Gargling gives you instant relief, relaxing the blood vessels in your throat. Apart from being instantly beneficial, saltwater gargling can prevent your sore throat from developing into anything more serious. A 2005 study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that saltwater could help prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

Taking a Hot Shower

Another effective way of feeling better from a painful sore throat is to take a hot shower before sleeping. The warm, humid air is perfect for relieving the ‘dry pain’ faced by many who have a sore throat. In addition to loosening chest congestion and washing away germs, hot water also relaxes your central nervous system and calms your mind. Sore muscles are relaxed, letting you enjoy a serene sleep.

Maintaining a Comfortable Room Temperature

If you have a sore throat, make sure that your room is not too cold before you go to sleep. Cold air can dry out the tissue in your nose and throat, causing severe irritation. Cold air does not hold as much moisture as warm air, so as you are breathing out, there is a chance that you get more dehydrated as the night goes on. Try to keep yourself warm and ensure that the air you breathe in does not irritate your nose. Taking preventative measures can be one of the best ways of preventing your sore throat from getting worse.

Over the Counter Lozenges

Most OTC Lozenges contain menthol, an ingredient that is known for numbing the pain in your throat. Lozenges increase the saliva production in your mouth, and they serve as a great way of keeping your throat lubricated. Certain cough lozenges also contain medication that acts as an anti-bacterial, thereby preventing any spread of infection in your throat for a little while.

Final Thoughts: How Do I Sleep with a Sore Throat?

The most important aspect of having a speedy recovery from any sickness is to get proper rest and not to overexert oneself. The best way for your life to resume back to normal is to realize that your body needs special care when you are sick. While working, don’t overdo your shift and don’t over-commit your work schedule. Listen to your body and give yourself plenty of physical as well as mental rest.

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