How Do I Know When My Loved One is Using Drugs?

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No one wants to see someone they love turn to a life of addiction to illicit drugs and substances, but all too often, this is becoming a common occurrence among people of all ages in not only the United States but all over the world. 

You don’t want to see your children, your friends, your partner, or any other loved ones ending up on this rough road, so you might be looking for ways to recognize the signs of addiction so that you will be able to help if you ever suspect someone you love is addicted to illegal drugs. 

Know the Signs

One of the best ways you can help anyone struggling with an addiction problem is to know the signs that they are struggling with issues so that you can work with them to try to address their issues with addiction. When you know the signs that an addict is using, you can recognize the problem right away and help them seek help at a drug rehab facility. 

Below are some of the most telltale signals that someone is using illegal drugs or other substances. If you think your loved one is using, recognizing these signs will be a dead giveaway that you might need to step in to help. 

  • Your loved one is withdrawing

If your loved one is normally a social person, but is now more withdrawn than ever, and finding every excuse possible to miss family gatherings or not communicating much in general, this could be a sign of possible drug use. Addicts often withdraw from family and friends because they don’t want their users to be obvious to those they care about.

  • Be on the lookout for physical signs

Drug abuse shows physical signs, too. If your loved one is experiencing frequent headaches, insomnia, a large gain or loss in weight, trembles in their hands, or you can notice track marks, these are all signs that someone could possibly be abusing drugs.

  • Is your loved one neglecting their favorite things?

If your loved one used to have a favorite hobby or pastime they were passionate about but no longer seem interested in, this could be another sign of drug use. Addicts have their lives taken over by the need for drugs, and getting that fix becomes a central part of their lives, overtaking even their favorite hobbies. 

Keep an eye out for these signs, and if you think your loved one could be experiencing problems with addiction, do everything you can to suggest they visit the professionals at a drug detox center where they can safely be rehabilitated among health professionals who are well trained in dealing with people afflicted with problems related to addiction.

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