How Digital Marketing Can Help Small Businesses During a Pandemic

by Emma L. Business consultant

digital marketing

The current pandemic has had a profound impact on both our private and professional lives. As we try to reduce the number of contacts in order to keep ourselves and others healthy, we are relying on the Internet more than ever as an alternative to the traditional ways of keeping in touch with people. Just like various video calls and conferences have replaced family gatherings, our professional lives are going through a similar transition. Logically, with people spending much more time behind computer screens, the importance of digital advertising is proving of paramount importance. Regardless of how big a company is, its virtual presence in the time of this pandemic may easily be the deciding factor when it comes to the survival of the company. Small companies are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the new situation and very few of them are even thinking about growth or development. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Let’s look at some of the ways in which small business can use this crisis as an opportunity to strengthen their position and grow.

Change of approach

Many small businesses used to believe that traditional advertising methods, such as inexpensive advertising boards outside their stores, were all that was needed to attract customers and that they could rely on the word-of-mouth to spread recommendations. While this advertising remains extremely important, the pandemic has significantly reduced its impact. People no longer meet that much. They don’t have so many opportunities for chatting to friends and family, which means that recommendations related to a certain product or service are also less likely to be made. However, another channel has become dominant – the internet. That’s why small businesses now need to focus on it.

digital marketing

Market expansion

Every business has a core target market, but there are always those who are outside this bracket. Also, traditional advertising methods are more suitable for targeting narrow niches, unlike digital channels, which are perfect for reaching a much wider audience. For example, you might be able to reach clients from places, such as Australia and New Zealand, who might be interested in your offer. That’s why hiring a local agency to create a campaign makes a lot of sense nowadays. Needless to say, professionals in the field of modern digital marketing from Sydney surely know much better how to create such a campaign than your local experts. As you can see, using digital marketing properly allows small business to reach much more people and probably diversify their target market. In doing so, they will also have a chance to actually grow, even in this difficult period.

Boosting customer relations

Modern clients want to communicate with companies and if you create such channels and are responsive, you’ll increase the chances of your clients leaving positive reviews about your products or services. Also, a positive feedback is a signal to you that you’re doing the right things. If, however, the feedback is negative, you have a chance to apologize and adjust your operation towards client satisfaction in the future.

digital marketing

Building a brand reputation

One of the outcomes of a successful digital marketing campaign is improved brand awareness and reputation. That’s why small businesses need to invest time and money into creating a great website and build their social media presence. If prospective clients can find sufficient information on your website, you’ll be perceived as trustworthy and, hence, attract more clients. So, make your website informative and easy to navigate through. Remember that the more you say about your company and your offer, the more transparent and trustworthy you’ll appear, which is vital for every company. That will improve your brand awareness and reputation. With people spending more time online than ever, that might prove vital in taking your company to the next level.

Most companies, no matter how small they might be, can actually use this situation to establish themselves on the market as reputable, reliable and those that provide great value for money. However, in order to do that, they really need to focus on their digital campaigns and be ready to think big. As things stand, the importance of digital presence will continue to grow, as people grow accustomed to new methods of finding the right products and services. Even when the pandemic is no longer so powerful, people will carry on relying on the internet to get what they want and if your offer is not there or it’s not reaching the right type and number of people, your company will have very slim chances of surviving.

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