How Changes To Renting Laws In Australia Affects Tenants And Landlords?

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The current virus pandemic we all are facing has led to many changes all over the world. With people losing their jobs, their loved ones, and the country’s diminishing economy, there is widespread confusion and poverty. People are migrating from cities to their local states or villages where they may find better occupational opportunities. In this case, people living on rent as tenants are unable to pay rent and are leaving without any notice to the landlord. Both landlords and tenants are facing difficulties in handling the situation. 


Taking a look into the current situation, the Australian government has made some changes in the renting laws. In this article, we will tell you about the ways this change in renting laws has affected tenants and landlords. Moreover, we will also cover the bond cleaning Brisbane  topic. That will give you an insight into what bond cleaning in Brisbane is and how does it work.


What has changed?

With the virus outbreak, the government issued some restrictions on the movement of people around the country. And has also changed the rules and regulations we used to rent according to for the time being.


Auctions and home inspections across the country are banned for now. But you will still be able to inspect a home while wanting to rent a new place, but only one person at a time can inspect a home.


In this section, we have listed the changes the government has made because of the current pandemic scenario. Here are they-


·        A short-term prohibition on tenants being evicted due to non- payment of rent on time. As various tenants are affected due to lost jobs are in stress.


·        Landlords and tenants are motivated to agree upon the new rent policies and reliefs.


·        For impacted tenants, the reduction or waving off rent for a certain defined period is now necessary.


·        Based on financial distress, tenants are free to terminate or offer to reconcile the lease agreement.

·        The owners of commercial property are obliged to provide a percentage of any benefit they receive on their property to their tenants.


·        Those tenants and landlords that are not affected by the virus are obliged to stick to their lease and rental agreements.


·        If a tenant is facing financial difficulties in paying rent due to undergoing a pandemic situation, the landlord is obliged to increase or extend the lease. While most of the tenants are in favour of these changes, there are still some tenants and mostly all landlords that are not in acceptance of this change. The government has ensured all that these steps are taken for their and the country’s betterment. 


·        Apart from the changes we have listed above, the government has also made some general changes to the tenancy laws of the country. We have listed some of those changes below; these are in effect from March 2020.


·        The government has defined minimum standards that should be met by your place, to be classified as “fit for habitat”.


·        Landlords are obliged to install a smoke alarm.

·        Tenants are now allowed to make minor changes if they have written consent of the landlord.


At the end of the lease, the tenant is responsible for any damage they cause.

The tenants are in the obligation for bond cleaning in Brisbane at the end of the lease. We have explained bond cleaning in Brisbane in the blog further.

When a tenant ends an agreement before the date, he/she is obliged to pay some break fees.


A landlord or an agent should not make any false statements about the house to the tenants.

If the landlord or agent fails to oblige to any of the full information disclosure law and makes a false statement, then the tenant can give a 14 days’ notice and terminate the agreement.


When it comes to the passing of the water expense bill to the tenants, the landlords are supposed to install different meter systems for the rented property.


There are many other changes the government has made, but we have listed above the most important and central for all of them. All the landlords and tenants are obliged and directed to follow these new rules and regulations.


A question might come to your mind that whether ongoing tenancy agreements, that are made before these changes are expected to follow these new rules or not? 

So, let us tell you that, yes. These changes are for all tenants and landlords who are going to or are already in any tenancy agreement.


Wrapping up with a hope that we helped you learn the standard and necessary changes the government has made. The most significant difference regarding bond cleaning in Brisbane is not one to be ignored. Bond cleaning is when a tenant leaves from his/her rented place; he/she is obliged to get the home cleaned as per bond cleaning in Brisbane.


So, please go through these rules and regulations thoroughly.

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