How Can Pomegranate Molasses Rev Up Your Cooking?

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With its fruity sweet flavour and syrupy texture, pomegranate molasses is an unsung ingredient from the Middle Eastern form of culinary. It is extensively used throughout the Middle Eastern region along with Iran and the Caucasus. This syrup is made from boiled pomegranate juice that has an intense sweet and sour taste. It is comparable to balsamic and can be used in numerous ways to enhance your cooking.

A Sneak Peek into the History of Pomegranate Syrup:

This syrup is native to Iran. It has been used in Persian cooking for centuries. Pomegranates are extensively grown across South East Asia, particularly in the Middle East. Hence, they are used in a variety of dishes for sprucing up their taste with fragrant and tart flavours.

The Many Uses of Pomegranate Syrup in Cooking:

Whether you need to improve the taste of your casseroles and stews or you want a unique salad dressing, this is syrup that you can use. The thick consistency of molasses makes it perfect for the marinades, dips, and vinaigrettes. Here are some other ways to use this wonderful ingredient:

Make a Refreshing Soda:

You can stir a spoonful of pomegranate molasses into a glass of water to make a refreshing drink. It is all about being creative and experimental with your cooking. You can prepare any sort of booze using this tart and thick syrup.

Traditional Cooking:

This molasses is a common ingredient in many traditional Iranian and Middle Eastern dishes. Fesenjoon is a stew of dried plums, walnuts, molasses, and chicken that is served with cooked rice. It is a cold weather meal that is extremely delectable. Another traditional dish that you can prepare with molasses is Mouhamara which is a dip of ground walnuts, molasses, and red bell peppers. It is used as a side dish along with Hummus and other Middle Eastern cuisines.

Dice It Up With Salad:

You can create a delicious salad dressing by mixing molasses and balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle it on seasonal greens or you can add it in a lamb meatball dish. You can blend into olive oil vinaigrettes and use it on grain salads as well.

Use it for Roasting:

You can roast your veggies with pomegranate glaze and enjoy the taste. It adds a tangy sweet flavour to the vegetables and makes them delicious. There are many possibilities to prepare side dishes by tossing vegetables like parsnips and cauliflower in molasses.

Make Savoury Desserts:

It goes extremely well with the desserts like cake, custard, and cheesecake. You can also add this sweet and tart condiment to ice-creams and sorbets to enhance their flavours.

Molasses made from pomegranates is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. It works as a good alternative to sweet balsamic vinegar and revs up the flavour of your dishes.

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